Zeiss 700 confocal microscope

    Zeiss 700 confocal microscope is located in the Department of Biology, Room B1-173.

    There are four solid-state lasers lines for excitation 405 nm, 488 nm, 555 nm, 633 nm.

    There are three oil objectives: 40x 1.3 NA, 63x 1.4 NA, 100x 1.46 NA.

    There are three dry objectives: 10x NA 0.45, 20x NA 0.8, 40x 0.5 NA.

    DIC is currently available on the 63x and 100x lens.

    Next to the Zeiss 700 confocal is a Zeiss Z1 bright-field epifluorescence microscope (with red / green/ DAPI filters) that has the same Zen software installed, and is also available for use.

    User cost and training

    Cost is $20 per hour for confocal use (for any trained user at U Waterloo).

    A 30-45 min training session is required for new users (at a cost of $20).

    Charges to grant accounts will be made quarterly.

    Controlled access

    There are individual door keypad access codes and internal alarm codes granted

    for microscope access outside business hours (only for faculty and grad students).

    Microscope account

    User fees will go towards maintenance and accessory microscopy items: DIC filters / new objectives (eg. water immersion) / motorized stage / etc.

    Contact information

    Contact David Spafford for training and access (email: spafford@uwaterloo.ca)


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