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Research Group


All hard at work doing research. This won us a JACS paper. Just kidding.

Back row, left to right: Alla Darwish, Bobby Guobadia, Gerald Bauer, Adam Lang, Heather Turner. Front row, left to right: Minh Nguyen, Alice Chan, Rosie Chong


This is proof that our group does indeed see the outdoors. Occasionally.

Left to right: Nick Bowers, Alice Chan, Rosie Chong, Heather Turner, Felicia Grosu, Ellyas Omar

Graduate Students

Alla Darwish (B.Sc., University of Waterloo) is the official bottle opener of the lab.

Alice Chan (B.Sc., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) was an undergraduate exchange student at the University of Waterloo. The experience impressed her so much that she is now back and doing her M.Sc. in the Chong lab.

Bobby Guobadia (B.Sc., University of Toronto) likes to eat and sleep, in that order. He also enjoys doing chemistry, apparently.

Heather Turner (B.Sc., St. Francis Xavier University) is from Newfoundland, the most beautiful province in Canada.

Undergraduate Students

Felicia Grosu

Nick Bowers

Ellyas Omar

Recent Students

Adam Lang

Gerald Bauer

Minh Nguyen

Tao Wu

Hope Fan

Erik Donaldson


Rosie and Cosmo Chong pose during a routine patrol of lab perimeter.

Left to right: Cosmo Chong, Rosie Chong, Vast Expanse of Mountainous Terrain

Permanent Lab Members

Rosemary Armstrong-Chong (Ph.D, University of British Columbia) is the resident pheromone expert and lab enforcer. She is the only member of the group who routinely runs reactions in a 22-litre flask.

Cosmo Chong inherited a Ph.D. (Pretty Happy Disposition) from his mother Gracie. His main area of research involves running and playing. 

last updated: May 8, 2008