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American Motors Corporation

American Motors Owners Association - AMO is an international organization for owners and enthusiasts of vehicles built by American Motors from the 1958 thru 1988 model years.

AMC's home town - Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha Transportation Homecoming - July 22-26, 1998 Kenosha, Wisconsin. This was the largest collection of vintage AMC's ever gathered in one place. Here is an article from a Kenosha newspaper.

Major AMC pages

ArcticBoy's American Motors Site
Car Nut Direct
Eddie Stakes Planet Houston AMX
AMC Hornet Austrailian Hornets
Amazing Muscle Cars Hurst SC/Rambler Registry
Big Bad Javelin & AMX Registry
The Javelin Home Page
Matador Coupe Coop
The Pacer Page
Route 66 Rambler
The Trans-Am Javelin Registry
TEAM AMX Historic and Vintage American Motors Race Cars


American Motors Cars Magazine Formerly American Independent Magazine


AMC Evolution
The AMC Forum
AMC Eagles Den Forum
AMC Heritage Forum

Mailing Lists


AMC Classified Advertisements on the Web

AMC Classifieds AMX & Javelin Parts Board

Vendors specializing in or featuring AMC related items

Caveat Emptor - all I know about many of these sites is that they handle AMC related items!
Alfano Performance
Amark AMX/Javelin Parts
AMC Eagles Den Store
AMC Muscle Cars
AMC Rambler Restoration Parts
AMC Store
American Parts Depot
American Performance AMC Lives!
American Performance Products
AMX Bruce
AMX Enterprises
Andy's Autosport
Antique Automobile Literature Includes AMC, Nash, Metropolitan and Willys (Jeep) categories
APT Instruments International, Inc.
Arthur Hu's AMC Models for sale
ATK Engines Factory Rebuilt Engines
Auto Custom Carpets, Inc.
Auto Mania
The Auto Parts Place Parts and Accessories at wholesale prices
Automotive Touchup AMC Touch Up Paint
Autovision Automotive Artwork of Danny Whitfield
Blaser Auto Nash, Rambler, AMC
Bulltear Pro Parts
California Classic AMC
AMC Brake Components
ColoradoAMX Motorsports
Drivetrain Specialists of Las Vegas
AMC Camshafts
AMC Cylnder Heads
AMC Intake Manifolds
ESPO Springs `n Things Automotive Suspension Parts
Extreme Terrain - Jeep Parts
Falcon Performance AMC, Jeep and Nash engine parts including full master engine rebuild kits
Fine Lines Brake and Fuel lines for AMX, Javelin and SC/Rambler
Galvin's Rambler Parts Specializing in AMC-Rambler Parts (NOS-Used-Repro/1958 thru 1988)
Gremlin Parts
Humster 3D 3D AMC models
Humster 3D 3D Nash models
It's a 70's thing automobilia AMC artwork, calendars, clocks, Gremlin parts, etc.
Javlynn Sue's AMC Store AMC Themed Apparel
Kanter obsolete Auto Parts
Key Men Keys for Classics
Kip Motor Company Metropolitan Parts
J & W Auto Wreckers New and Used Jeep Parts
Jeep Warehouse
Jim Osborn Reproductions
Kennedy American
Metro Moulded Parts Weatherstrip and Rubber Parts
Metropolitan Pit Stop
Metropolitan Restoration Service
Monroe Shocks
The Motorbook Store American Motors Books
Nash, Rambler & AMC Memorabilia
Olde Milford Press
Perfect Fit Molded carpets and other things
Performance American Style
Phoenix Graphix AMC and Jeep Decals
Pitstop Bookshop in Australia
Pro/Fit Auto Interiors
Showcars-Bodyparts Unlimited
South Texas AMC
Stock Interiors AMC Carpet, Floor Mats, Headliner
TeraFlex Jeep Suspension System
Timeless Rides AMCs for sale
Tracy Performance AMC and Jeep car covers
Turner 4WD Parts Company
Unlimited Products AMX/Javelin fiberglass hoods
Wagon Master
Weatherstrip Special
Willys Overland Motors
WSC Motorsports

Misc AMC pages

Beep Beep Lyrics for the song
Jeffords AMX-R
Wally Booth
Wally Booth
Craig Breedlove
International Motorsports Hall of Fame Member
Motor Sports Hall of Fame
Spirit of America
Mark Donohue
International Motorsports Hall of Fame Member
Motorsports Hall of Fame
Mark Donohue's Son David Takes Touring Car Opener at Lime Rock
Herman Lewis
Herman Lewis
Shirley Shahan
Shirley Shahan - Drag-on-Lady
Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA)
Industrias Kaiser Argentina
IKA-Renault Torino
Fangio's other car: an Argentine IKA Torino
Old Cars of Argentina
This is a 1973 Fangio Renault Torino Pininfarina …and it’s gorgeous
When Argentina ruled the Nürburgring
AMC Toys
1968 AMX by Hot Wheels
1970 AMX/2 by Hot Wheels
1971 Javelin AMX by Matchbox
1972 Gremlin by Hot Wheels
1972 Javelin by Johnny Lightning
1977 Pacer by Hot Wheels
1969 AMX advertisement
1970 AMX advertisment
1970 Mark Donohue Javelin advertisement
1973 Javelin AMX advertisement
Various Articles on the Web

They love to hate us

1970 AMC Gremlin The 50 Worst Cars of All Time
The 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made Includes the Gremlin, Matador Coupe and Pacer
The 12 worst cars ever built Includes the Gremlin and Pacer
100 Ugliest Cars of All Time Includes the Gremlin, Marlin, Matador, Matador Coupe, Pacer and Rambler Cross Country
Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years
Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years
Top 10 Worst Cars Ever Made The Gremlin makes yet another list
TOP 10 Worst Cars Ever Made Includes the Eagle and Pacer
Worst Cars from the 1970's Includes the Gremlin, Hornet, Matador Coupe and Pacer

Other AMC pages

AMC List of AMC models
AMC Concept Cars - The Return Of AMC!
AMC - Jalopnik Includes AMC videos
AMC Museum in Berlikum
AMC Offroad
AMC and Rambler Stuff
AMC - The Spirit Still Lives History of American Motors
AMC Sundancer 1981-82 AMC Eagle and Concord Sundancer Convertible
AMC Alliance (1983-1988)
AMC Alliance cabriolet (1984-1988)
American Motors Corporation Marc's AMC pages
American Motors Stationwagon Registry
My Car 1969 AMC Ambassador
Russell and his '68 AMC Ambassaddor
69' Rambler American 440
IMCDB AMC Rambler American in Movies and TV series
1968 American Motors AMX
1969 AMX Super Stock - Cave Dweller
2nd AMX
AMC AMX (1968-1970)
AMX 390
AMX-perience Good bit of info on the 1968-70 AMX
AMXtreme Drag Racing Team
IMCDB AMC AMX in Movies and TV series
Mr 390 AMX
Project AMX Howard's 1969 AMX - check this one out - lots of cool stuff
Rick's AMX Page
George Stragand's 1968 American Motors AMX
Super Stock AMX
Wikipedia AMC AMX
AJ's Car of the Day '71 AMC AMX3
Brochures AMC, Hudson, Metropolitan and Nash Brochures
A 1978 AMC Concord D/L with the Heart of an Audi!
AMC Concord (1977-1983)
IMCDB AMC Concord in Movies and TV series
Motoring Memories: AMC Concord, 1978-1983
Street Parked: Early 80s AMC Concord
V.I.S.I.T. – AMC Concord Station Wagon
Wikipedia AMC Concord
Dan's AMC Adventures
Denmark AMC
1983 AMC Eagle Wagon
AMC Eagle: American 4x4 Pioneer
AMC Eagles Den
Curbside Classics: AMC Eagle Wagon And Sedan “What The Hell Is This?”
Eagle Premier
IMCDB AMC Eagle in Movies and TV series
Wheels Classic Cars: The AMC Eagle
Wikipedia AMC Eagle
The Worst: AMC Eagle Wagon - Popular Mechanics
Ed's Jeep Ed's 1985 Jeep CJ-7 Laredo
Engines, Transmissions and Transfer Cases
Finnish AMC Freak
The Gallery at includes several AMC station wagons
Gans's AMC Info
1970-1978 AMC Gremlin
1971 AMC Gremlin
1972 AMC Gremlin
AMC Gremlins
AMC Gremlin Levi Edition
AMC Gremlin Power Station
The AMC Gremlin X: Because different is good
Do Not Feed After Midnight: The AMC Gremlin
Arild Engelsen 1975 AMC Gremlin
Grem Reaper Racing
The Gremlin: AMC's Successful Compact
Gremlintime Juley's 1977 Gremlin X
The Gremster and Javelin Tribute Page Javlynn Sue's 1973 Gremlin and 1974 Javelin
IMCDB AMC Gremlin in Movies and TV series
Hemmings Find of the Day – 1973 AMC Gremlin
Jason & Jean's AMC Page 3 Gremlins & an AMX
Misunderstood Classics – 1970-78 AMC Gremlin
Prius vs The Gremlin
Wikipedia AMC Gremlin
AJ's Car of the Day '71 AMC Hornet SC/360
Bond Lifestyle AMC Hornet hatchback
Kalle Broderud 1974 AMC Hornet Constantly Broke Racing Team
Car of the Week: 1977 AMC Hornet AMX
Cars You Didn't Know About: The Gucci AMC Hornet
Freak Show Friday AMC Hornet
IMCDB AMC Hornet in Movies and TV series
Wikipedia AMC Hornet
How AMC Cars Work
Hudson Hornet Gary's 1954 Hudson Hornet
Howard's American Motors Page
Internet Muscle Car Picture Archive Pictures of several AMC's
1968 AMC Javelin Trans-Am Factory Team Race Car
The 1969 Javelin Homepage
1969 AMC Javelin SST Breaking Down On The Road Can Be Good
1969 AMC Javelin SST 290
1971-1974 AMC Javelin AMX 401
The Alabama State Trooper - AMC Javelin
AMC Cars and Racing Troy's 1973 Javelin
AMC Javelin A small company's answer to wildly popular pony cars
AMC Javelin 390 SST
AMC Javelin Register Australia
asifnyc's Javelin
Australian Javelin and AMX Website
Collectible Classic: 1968-70 AMC Javelin
Gaz's AMC Javelin Page
Hemmings Find of the Day – 1972 AMC AMX
IMCDB AMC Javelin in Movies and TV series
Javelin World
Maxi Blue Jonelle's 1974 Javelin
Mojo's Javelin Page
Rare Breed 1971 Javelin Trans Am Race Car
Sandcastle V.I.: AMC's Javelins Trans-Am Racing
Useless Content 1973 Javelin
Wikipedia AMC Javelin
1965 AMC Rambler Marlin
The 1965-67 AMC Rambler Marlin
1966 Marlin
1967 AMC Marlin
AMC Marlin
AMC Marlin: Forgotten Pony Car Classic
Car of the Week: 1967 AMC Marlin
Curbside Classic: 1967 Rambler Marlin The Humpback Whale – AMC’s Deadly Sin #1
IMCDB AMC Marlin in Movies and TV series
Introduction to the 1965-1967 AMC Marlin
Johans 67 Marlin
Marlin Gary's 1967 Marlin
Marlin Pages Jim the Marlin Guy
Rambler Marlin (1965-1967)
Retro Review: AMC Marlin Fastback Coupe, 1965–1967
Wikipedia Rambler Marlin
Adam-12 Matador Replica
IMCDB AMC Matador in Movies and TV series
Matt's Old Cars Rambler pics and 1968 Rambler American restoration
Nash-Healey (1951-1954)
A. K. Saunders's AMC Metropolitan 1954 Met restoration
1954 - 1962 Metropolitan Tiny Before its Time
The Nash Metropolitan and the Birth of American Motors
Make Your Own Metro
Nash Metropolitan 1954-1962
Our 1955 Nash Metropolitan Roger's 1955 Metropolitan
Wikipedia Nash Metropolitan
Migzilla's AMCs on the Web
My Current AMC Vehicles John's AMCs
Nash Nut Lot's of pictures including many AMC car shows
Odd Cars AMC, Javelin, Eagle, Avanti
AMC Pacer
AMC Pacer Pascal Prince's Pacer Pages
Great American Pacer Page
IMCDB AMC Pacer in Movies and TV series
The Mega Millenium Motorcar Futuristic Pacer with tail fins.
Pacer Truck Blog
Pascal Prince's Pacer Pages
Salvaing Place French Pacer Info etc.
The Washington Grove Pacer Farm
Tribute to the AMC Pacer
A Picture Review of American Motors
1954 thru 1959
1960 thru 1987
Photo Gallery Gearhead's photos from Sweden
For Ramblers Only
Gwen's 1964 Ramblers
Rambler Dan's AMC Page Paul's 1968 American with Parts List, Trunnion Service Guide, and more...
Rambler Ranch
Aaron's 1970 Rebel Machine
AJ's Car of the Day '70 AMC Rebel "The Machine"
My Rebel Greg is restoring his 1968 Rebel
Hemmings Find of the Day – 1967 AMC Rebel SST
The Rebel Machine Scrapbook
Right Hand Drive AMCs Blow Minds (and Fuel Budgets) Across the Pond Two Rebels in England
Rousing Rebel: AMC fan goes all-out on Rebel SST Joe Fougerousse's 1968 AMC Rebel SST Convertible
Wikipedia AMC Rebel
Renault Rambler In the Netherlands
Wikipedia Renault Alliance
AJ's Car of the Day '69 AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst
Rambler American Rogue
1979 AMX Spirit
1981 AMC Spirit
IMCDB AMC Spirit in Movies and TV series
Steves's AMC Page Steve's 1981 Spirit D/L
Steven's AMC Page
Valerie's 1980 AMC Spirit AMX
Terry's Auto Museum
Terry's Jeep Page Terry's 1981 Jeep CJ-7
VAM Lerma reveals the Concord’s Mexican Spirit
Wolfgang Mederle Startseite Features AMC history and the Pacer (in German and English) Alternate Link

AMC Car Clubs

American Motors Owners Association
4 Seasons AMC Rambler Club
4 Seasons AMC Rambler Club Old site?
Alamo AMC Association
AMX Club of British Columbia
AMC Gremlin Pacer Club
AMC Manitoba
AMC Rambler Club
AMC Rambler Club of Australia
AMC Rhode Island Club
The American Jeepster Club
American Motors Club of Alberta
American Motors Club of British Columbia
American Motors Club of Houston
American Motors Cruisers
AMO+ Ontario's AMO Performance Club
Cactus Cruisers
Carolina AMC
Cascade Ramblers
Classic AMC of New England
Classic AMX Club of Portland
Club AMC Rambler Mexico
Colorado AMC Club
Connecticut American Motors Owners (CAMO) Association
Dakota AMC Club
Delaware Valley AMO
First Coast AMC Florida
Fort Worth AMC/Rambler Car Club
Gateway AMC
Glass City AMC Club Toledo
Great Lakes Classic AMC Club
Greater Bay Area Metropolitan Car Club
High Plains Region of the Nash Car Club of America
The Hoosier AMC Club
Hoosier Mets
Hudson Essex Terraplane Club OK, they're pre-AMC - it's still cool
International Full Size Jeep Association
Kansas City AMC Club
Mad City Ramblers
Marlin Auto Club
Metropolitan NY and NJ AMC/Rambler Club
Metropolitan Owners' Club of North America
Mid-Atlantic Classic AMX Club
NAMDRA National American Motors Drivers & Racers Association
Nash Car Club of Amercica OK, they're pre-AMC - it's still cool
North Coast AMC
North Star AMC of Minnesota
North Texas American Motors Club
Northern Ramblers Car Club
Ohio American Motor Classics
Peach State AMO
Potomac Ramblers
Rambler & AMC Club of Norway
Renault Alliance - Club Passion
Renault Owners Club
Rocky Mountain AMC Club
Rogue Valley Rumblers
Rose City Ramblers
South East Wisconsin AMO
Southern California AMX & Javelin Owners!
Southern Classic AMC
Southern Nevada AMC Club
Svenska AMC/Rambler sallskapet
Swedish AMC/Rambler Society
Tampa Bay AMC Car Club
Treasure Valley AMC Club of Idaho
Willys-Overland-Knight Registry
Windy City Rambler AMC

Other Car stuff

Auto Trader Online
Car and Motor Vehicle Emissions: Information and Statistics
Cars of the Stars
Classic Car
Classic Car Source
Formula 1
Green is more than a paint color for cars
A Guide to Vehicle Emissions and Pollutants
My Classic Car
NHTSA Safety Recalls

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