Warning - Some of these should not be viewed by the humour challenged!
Administrator of the Year George Romney - 1996 recipient
Auto Revista
1933 Terraplane With 94 Horsepower Was Impressive For Its Day
Life Is Definitely Grand While Happily Traveling In 1940 Nash
1970 AMC Javelin Is An Exceptionally Rare Racing Car
Click and Clack Talk Cars
Hate Mail Letter: About Your Car
November 1992 Car name discussion
January 1993 I have an '82 AMC Eagle which is cosmetically and musically incorrect.
April 1994 1972 AMC Hornet - flakey turn signal
August 1994 1965 AMC Ambassador convertible
November 1994 Some AMC bashing...
AMC Survey Comments
The Autobiography of Tom's Dodge Dart AMC pacer with a bad attitude
Jeep Survey Comments
Pinkwater Followup#8 I was tortured by a 1985 AMC Renault Encore
CR SERVICES Muscle cars of the Sixties
1968 American Motors AMX
1968 American Motors Javelin
The Detroit News
American Motors Pacer
Chrysler kills slow-selling Eagle brand
Chrysler to resume Grand Wagoneer as full-size sport-ute
Former Gov. George Romney dead at 88
In Melvindale: Car may be link to child-killer case 1976 Gremlin
One look at the 10 top muscle cars ever built
Romney remembered as great man, political hero
Romney was Iacocca of his day
Stubby American Motors Gremlin has last laugh
Top Ten Vehicles of All Time or Alternate Page
Dinosaur slayer falters; car guys vs money men George Romney
Eagle Premier - The Accidental Dodge
Former Michigan governor George Romney dies
The History of the Pacer
Jasper's Top Ten Things That Suck AMC made number 3 on Jasper's list
The Man behind the Car
Military Jeep History
Your Jeep Buyer's Special ...or, How to Buy a Used Jeep Without Selling The Farm.
Rambler '65 by Ben Vaughn
3rd Rocker Ben Vaughn's New Rhino CD
Baby, You Can Book My Car
Ben Vaughn: Rambler '65 Discography
Ben Vaughn Rambles with Gail Anderson
Claustrophobia and Carburetor Dung
Earwax Ben Vaughn - Rambler '65
Sound judgment - Ben Vaughn Includes Shockwave and wav clips from Rambler '65
Take 'Rambler 65' for a wild, playful test drive Ben Vaughn records his album inside his 1965 Rambler
Rambler History
Shitbox Market Letter Featuring Renaults and Pacers
Sorta Funny Stuff The Night My AMC Ambassador Became Known as the "General Nash"
Treating Cars Like Computers? Includes the American Motors HelpLine
Theresa Foster et. al. v. American Motors Corp.
What your car says about you Includes the Gremlin and Marlin
Wisconsin Plant Closings and Mass Layoff Notices for 1987

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