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Research Group

Christmas 1998

  research group  

Front Row:
Chris Kirby (now NMR Facility Manager, Univ. of Western Ontario), Gillian Goward (now Asst. Professor, McMaster Univ.), Rachel Mainville (now at Environment Canada), Bill Power
Back Row:
Mike Ditty (now NMR Facility Manager, IQC, Univ. of Waterloo), Lily Quach, Bruno Ruscitti

Fall 2001

  Research group  

From left: Bill Power, Jun Gu (now NMR Technician, Univ. of Guelph), Cheryl McDowall (now NMR Technician, Univ. of Ottawa), Meghan Lobsinger (now at NRC Ottawa)

Spring 2004

  research Group  

From left: Kamal Mroue, Bill Power, Jun Gu, Abdul-Hamid Emwas


Graduate Students:

Kamal Mroue

Undergraduate Students:

Mike Chan