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On this page you will find list of articles and information related to the Flipping theory.
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List of articles:

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Download PDF Document* ^Realm of Quantum Mechanics

Download PDF Document* ^great landscape cosmology

Download PDF Document* Fundamental physical constants and parameters

Download PDF Document* FLIPPON - Mini novel first edition

Download PDF Document* Artifacts

Download PDF Document* Flipping model of elementary particles

Download PDF Document* Incipient Law of Creation

Download PDF Document* Law of Last Evidence

Download PDF Document* Law of Aging Photons

Download PDF Document* Law of Abandonment Origin

Download PDF Document* Ohm's law and mass of the Universe

Download PDF Document* Time

Download PDF Document* Prime Spark and origin of the mass, space and time

Download PDF Document* Our Universe

Download PDF Document* A brief overview of the new order in the Universe

Download PDF Document* Stephen Hawking

Download PDF Document* Krunomir

New words and terms:
  • ^great landscape cosmology - the scientific study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of everything from 'tiny to the human eye' to big as the universe and even bigger as the multiverse.
  • ^flipping cosmology - cosmological model based on the laws of Flipping Teory
  • flipping theory - new framework and a collection of new laws that govern the ^great landscape cosmology (cosmology of large and small scale).
  • flippon - the elementary particle and basic building block of the universe from which was produced all other particles by own breakage
  • flippmint - small clumps of dark matter from which can not arise ordinary particles.
  • flipptant - clouds with large presence of flippons which can trigger a new process called Massaggregation
  • force of origin - the force that resists the removal energy from place of origin.
  • goo - untouchable particles from space of property (SofP)
  • goo-collision - collision between goo particles in space of property (SofP)
  • Incipient Creation - The process of creating flippons by Flipping transformation
  • Incipient Law of Creation - law of physics
  • Law of Last Evidence - law of physics
  • Law of Aging Photons - law of physics
  • Law of Abandonment Origin - law of physics
  • Massaggregation - crushing flippons into a large number of elementary particles
  • place of origin - the place of creating or converting energy from one form to another
  • SofP - space of property - an unusual blend of the real world without mass, space and time
  • SofR - space of reality - everything that physically exists, what we see, what we hear, what we feel, and everything what we can measure
  • Tuva Diagram - the process of Massaggregation in a symbolic way

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