CGU-HS Committee on Isotope Tracers

last updated May 2006


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Development and refinement of isotopic measurement capabilities, techniques, and infrastructure over the past three decades has greatly extended Canadian scientific capacity in isotope hydrology and related sciences. As such, the effectiveness of future research is likely to be limited only by the degree of cooperation within the Canadian and international scientific community, and by educational resources.

The CGU - HS Committee on Isotopic Tracers was established in 1997 to support and facilitate information exchange between isotope specialists and hydrologists both within Canada and internationally, and to address issues of importance to isotopic investigations including integration within broadly-based hydroscience research programs.

Recognizing and supporting promising applications of isotopic tracers, promoting cooperative research, providing information resources, and articulating research and educational needs to government agencies, universities, and the general hydrology community are the fundamental aims of the Committee.

Objectives and Activities

The proposed long-term objectives of the committee are to:

  • promote and advance the understanding and application of isotopic tracer techniques in hydrology and related sciences

  • initiate and participate in research and education programs, maintain contact with relevant organizations, report on national and international research activities, information sources, isotope monitoring networks, and databases

  • establish working groups and/or subcommittees to assess specific, high-priority topics for research, monitoring and/or development, and

  • disseminate current research and important findings to the scientific community via discussion, meetings and conferences, and publications


Jean Birks (Chair), University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON
Tom Edwards, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON
Larry Flanagan, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB
John Gibson, National Water Research Institute, Victoria BC (President IAHS International Commission on Tracers)
Claude Hillaire-Marcel, GEOTOP-UQAM, Montreal QC
Roy Krouse, University of Calgary, Calgary AB
Fred Michel, Carleton University, Ottawa ON


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