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Research Instrumentation in the Dieckmann Lab:

NMR Spectrometer (1)

We are utilizing a 700 MHz high resolution NMR spectrometer. The system is located in the Chemistry 2 building and is equipped with 4 rf -channels and a high sensitivity cryogenic probehead. The system is operated by the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC).

NMR Spectrometer (2)

In addition, we are utilizing a 600 MHz high resolution NMR spectrometer. The system is also located in the Chemistry 2 building and is equipped with 4 rf -channels. The system is operated by the Department of Chemistry.

Experion Automated Micro-electrophoresis System

The BioRad Experion system is utilized to quickly and accurately determine quality, quantity and sizes of RNA, DNA and proteins investigated in the laboratory. The system uses "chips" that allow the analysis of 11-12 samples in each run in less than 1 hours. The system combines the equivalent of running a gel, staining and destaining into one automated process using only very small sample amounts.

Varian CARY 4000 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Our Varian spectrophotometer is a state-of-art high resolution, dual beam system. It is equipped with six cell changer and peltier temperature control. It is heavily utilized in sample characterization and the acquisition of ribozyme kinetics.

dotLab system for biomolecular interaction studies

The dotLab system from Axela Biosensors (more Info) allows for the real time study of interactions between biomolecules using diffractive optics technology. We utilize the instrument to study binding kinetics of RNA, peptides and proteins as well as to study the assembly of RNA based molecular machines.

MicroCal ITC200 Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

The ITC200 is capable of measuring macromolecule - ligand interactions with sample volumes of 300 mL. We can determine dissociation constants as well as DH and DS. We utilize the system to characterize RNA-ligand interactions and to study RNA based catalysis.

Akta Purifier Liquid Chromatography System

Our Akta purifier is restricted to use with RNA and equipped with columns for a variety of chromatography methods. This includes desalting, size exclusion chromatography and ion exchnage chromatography. The sample collector allows for semi-automatic purification procedures.

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