I have been on the teaching staff at the University of Waterloo since 2006. Prior to that I had lectured, assisted/demonstrated, and supervised graduate and undergraduate research at the University of Toronto, the University of Victoria, the University of Oxford, and the California Institute of Technology.
Recent Courses:
PHYS 112  Introductory Physics II: Waves, Electricity and Optics (Spring 09)
Basic physics for the life sciences: oscillations, waves, sound, electrical forces, fields and potentials, basic electrical devices, magnetism, electromagnetic waves, optics
SCI 238  Introductory Astronomy (Spring 07,08,09)
An overview of astronomy and astrophysics for science and engineering students: basic observations, coordinate and time systems, the solar system, stellar evolution, our galaxy, external galaxies, cosmology, life and extra-solar planets
PHYS 275 Astrophysics I: Planets and Stars (Winter 10,11,12)
A first course in astrophysics for physics or astronomy majors: the discovery of the Solar System, basic astrophysics, the rocky planets, the gas giants, the minor planets, other stars and planetary systems, extra-solar planets, life on other planets
PHYS 475  Astrophysics III: Galaxies and Cosmology (Fall 09,10,11)
An introduction to modern cosmology for advanced undergraduates: the FRW metric, the Friedmann equations, cosmological parameters, distance measures, the microwave background, nucleosynthesis, inflation, galaxy properties and galaxy formation
PHYS 781 Fundamentals of Astrophysics/Astrophysical Processes (Fall 07,08,09,10,11)
An overview of astrophysical theory for graduate students in astrophysics, relativity or cosmology. Three parts covering radiative processes, collisionless dynamics and the mechanics of self-gravitating systems; and fluid/plasma dynamics
PHYS 789 Topics in Astrophysics (Spring 12)
Although we focussed on a particular topic (galaxies morphology at low and high redshift) for the term, this was really a course in giving scientific presentations. We looked at some basic problems and techniques in researching a subject, preparing slides, and speaking. All in all I think the class actually had some fun, and our audience responded very favorably to the changes they saw over the term!