100 Park Street

Kitchener, Ontario

Head Trainer

                                                                                                              (July 2001)
William (Bill) Longmire is the Founder, Head Coach/Trainer Emeritus.   Level 3 coach certification
Born in Stratford, Ontrio August 14, 1927.
Bill started boxing as a youngster in Stratford, and became a coach/trainer in the 1960's.  Bill founded the Grand River Boxing Club over 30 years ago and has trained a good number of excellent amateurs and professionals.  Some of Bill's fighters include Donny LaLonde, Peter Freer, and Rocky Zohnieback, but Bill prefers training youngsters in the amateurs.
       Garry Broughton
Garry is a great help to the club.Garry climbed his way up the national rankings and after a legendary amateur career Garry turned professional.  In 1970 he became the Canadian middleweight champion and was considered to be one of the best middleweights in the world during that time.     He is almost 60 and still keeps in great shape by hard training.

Randy Meyer

Randy had a good amateur boxing career.     Outside of boxing he raises emu on his farm
                        Left to right;  Aurel Stana, Tom Kurzydlowski, William Longmire
                                                                                 (Nov. 2000)

Aurel Stana
Aurel began boxing in 1968 as a 13 year old Romanian school boy.  He became Romanina Jr. Champ at 16 years and fought all over the world from Russia and South Africa to China.   Aurel retired from boxing in 1981 with a record of 177 wins and 26 losses.  At 27 years of age Aurel became a Romanian Certified Coach and upon his arrival in Canada began coaching with Bill at Grand River.  Aurel is absolutely magical when training fighters with the punchers mitts and the fighters line up with great enthusiasm to work with him.

                           Left to right;   Mike Forler, Garry Broughton,and Aurel Stana
                                                                                  (Nov. 2001)
    Trainer, William Longmire (left) and boxer Omid Amale(right)
Omid Amale
Born:  Jan. 5, 1983
Senior open class
Total bouts 11, with 10 wins (1 by TKO)


(Picture taken Aug. 2001)

    Jason Douglas

    Born:Feb. 6, 1980.
    Weight:200 lbs
    Senior open class
    Total 88 bouts, with 76 wins (26 by TKO).
Left to right;    Bernie Douglas, William Longmire and Jason Douglas    (Sept. 2000)
                         Dave Hock
          Born: Oct 20, 1971
          Weight: 190 lbs
          Senior open class
          Total bouts 23, wins 18 (8 by TKO)
             Neven Paikic

                                              Born:   Aug. 25, 1977
                                              Weight :  235 lbs
                                              Senior novice class

          Tom Kurzydlowski

                         Born:  June 12, 1979
                         Weight:  200 lbs
                         Senior novice class
                         Provincial Gold Medal 2001
                         Total bouts 8,
                                 wins 8 (5 by TKO)


   Ted Dyer

   Born: May 6, 1969
   Weight: 195 lbs
   Provincial senior novice silver medal 2001.
   Total bouts 2, wins 2.
   (Picture taken July 2001)
Richard Machado
Born:March 31, 1974
Weight:178 lbs
Senior novice class, Silver Medal Brampton Cup 2000.
Total bouts 5, wins 5 (2 by TKO)
(Photo taken July 2001)


                                       Gary Vautour

                                                                                 Born: April 1, 1970
                                                                                 Weight: 152 lbs
                                                                                 Total 4 bouts, with 3 wins by TKO
                                      Christopher Chabot

                   Born:Aug. 27,  1981
                   Weight:145 lbs
                   Senior novice class
                   Gold Medal Winner
                   Total bouts 7,
                       wins 5 (3 by TKO)
           Christopher Vautour
                             Weight: 145 lbs
                             Senior novice class
                     Mathew Hawkins
                      Born:  Dec. 20, 1974
                      Senior novice
                      (Picture taken 2001)

         Sherry Dyer

          Weight:125 lbs
          Senior novice class                                (Picture taken July 2001)
     Marlon Rosales
     Born:  Jan. 9, 1986
                                                                        Weight:  142 lbs
                                                                        Junior novice C class
                                                                        Total bouts 2
Roderick MacNeill

                Born:  Jan. 20, 1989
                Weight:  90 lbs
                Junior A class
                Novice Gold Medal Winner
                Total bouts 5, 3 wins
                (Picture taken Oct. 2001)

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