John Molson's home Page

John Molson's Home Page

My research focusses on the development and application of computer simulation models for interpreting physical and reactive transport processes in groundwater, surface water and earth science systems. Recent projects include modelling multi-phase flow, NAPL dissolution, biodegradation and transport of organic contaminants, thermal transport, fractured systems, geochemical systems, acid mine drainage and 3D capture zones for water supply and groundwater protection at the watershed scale.

Some recent projects include:
- development and application of a discrete fracture thermal transport model for characterizing fractured porous media
- simulating the impact of ethanol and other oxygenates on BTEX persistence in gasoline-contaminated aquifers
- simulating enhanced dissolution and biodegradation of organic compounds in groundwater
- developing modelling strategies for defining capture zones for well-head protection and water resource management.
- simulating the geochemical evolution of acidic mine discharge
- integrating surface water flow directly into groundwater flow models



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