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Research Areas

Summaries of the Nazar Group's research interests are listed below. Please click on the titles or the expand/shrink links of the individual projects to read the project descriptions.

Li-S Energy Storage

The one-pot synthesis step for the production of graphene–sulfur composite

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Li-O2 and Na-O2 Cells

Lithium-air cell

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Lithium Metal Polyanion Materials

Methodology for solvothermal synthesis of LiFeSO4F

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Supercapacitor electrode made from single-walled-carbon-nanotube-coated polyester (on the right)

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Na-ion Cells

Schematic diagram for the topochemical synthesis of crystalline NaMPO4 nanorods

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Mg-ion Cells

Negative Electrode Materials

TEM image of Si/Ge double layer nanotube [Paik et al. ACS Nano, 6, 303-309 (2012)]

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Porous Materials

(a) SEM and (b) STEM images showing the uniform porous carbon nanospheres

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