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"Welcome to Gallery Krunomir. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my website. I invite you to email me and ask questions or make comments. It is so interesting to hear the many remarks about my work and how my works relate to your experience."

In cultural circles Krunomir is known as a hobby artist. The active spot for him is Gallery Krunomir, where he creates, shows and enjoys the art of drawing, carving and sculpting people. He believes that hands, pencils, and carving knives are indispensable tools with incredible possibilities.

Krunomir Dvorski was born in 1954 and spend his childhood in Zavidovici of the former Yugoslavia. He studied, got married and lived in Zagreb, Croatia for 22 years before moving to Canada in 1994. He graduated from University of Zagreb in Electrical Engineering with Bachelors and Masters degrees. His broad knowledge allowed him the opportunity to work on the USA-Croatian project "Electrostatic Determination of Voltage Unit". Krunomir also taught various metrological and electrical engineering courses, has published a student textbook and numerous papers. In 1999 he started working at the University of Waterloo as an Electronic Technologist, designing and constructing various projects for the Faculty of Science. With his extensive technical background in engineering, Krunomir turns to the arts as his passionate hobby.

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