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Old Croat:
Old Croat

Old Croat

After long and hard wars, three Kings met at the hills of Medvednica to discuss world peace and to develop a new united city where future issues would be discussed and resolved. A native of Medvednica, Hrvat (one of five brothers), was invited to the meeting amongst the three Kings. Old Hrvat was ordered to draw ("zagrebati" in Croatian) a line from as far as the eye can see to a water source where he could scoop ("zagrabiti" in Croatian) water. The responsive Hrvat drew the line to define the border of a new territory. The territory ("zagreb" in old Croatian) became the Kings' united city for world discussions, and eventual metropolis known as Zagreb. The original meaning of the Croatian word "zagreb" was later lost. From the old Hrvat's name, a nation became known as Hrvati ("Croats" in English).

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