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Gallery Krunomir

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Pencil drawings of Prime Ministers of Canada :  This pdf-document shows pencil drawings of the Prime Ministers of Canada made by Krunomir Dvorski. Happy Birthday Canada!
Three Croatian Dives :  Gabi Novak, Radojka Sverko i Tereza Kesovija
Milan Perkovac :  Milan Perkovac is Croatian physicist, scientist and finder of the structural constants of the atom.
Homer Watson :  Homer Watson was a Canadian landscape painter.
Stjepan Bobeta :  Stjepan Bobeta was an outstanding laboratory engineer.
Nives Kavuric Kurtovic :  Nives Kavuric Kurtovic was famous Croatian painter and academician (HAZU).
Leonard Susskind :  Leonard Susskind is a famous Professor of Theoretical Physics.
Kristian Krekovic :  Kristian Krekovic was a Bosnian Croat painter of portraits and ethnographic art.
Vlaho Bukovac :  Vlaho Bukovac is the most prominent Croatian painter at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, especially recognized for his portraits.
Portraits of the greats of Zagreb Observatory :  Oton Kucera, Gabrijel Divjanovic and Dragan Rosa
Antonia Cenida :  Mistress of the Roman Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasian.
Nancy of Great Lakes :  Beautiful lady on the bow of the HMS Nancy.
Robert Allen Pease:  Bob Pease was an analog integrated circuit design expert and technical author...
Sinjorina Sandra - Queen of the Fig Leaf:  There are rumors that Sinjorina Sandra (i.e., Sandra Babac) takes care of young people in her kingdom and protects Zadar's Fig Festival.
Portraits of Canadian Prime Ministers:  Video
Fairy of Mosor:  Fairy of Mosor is protector of love and sports, live on the slopes of the mountain Mosor near to Split (Croatia). She is part of the mythology, history, and popular folklore of the region.
Butmir:  Butmir is Bosnian Sun God and creator of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun...
Stephen Hawking:  Stephen Hawking is the most popular living physicist. He is a remarkable leader, teacher, writer and entertainer...
Physics corner - The Flipping theory:  This corner redefines Universe and announces the Flipping theory based on the Flipping transformation and Ohm's law of the Universe. All of them provide a new view of the terms such as space, singularity, black hole, string, mass of observable universe, and so on. The Flipping theory is not yet proven but raises new ways for exploring the Universe.
Black Queen:  In Croatian mythology, Black Queen is a symbol of power, beauty and cruelty. The name of the Black Queen is related to Barbara of Celje, the widow of Croatian and Hungarian King Sigismund of Luxembourg.
My UW Corner of Fame:  Prof. Donna Strickland, Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn, Prof. Terry McMahon, Prof. John Vanderkooy, Prof. Kam Tong Leung, Prof. David Johnston, Prof. George Dixon...
Deans of old Technical College Zagreb:  Bogdan Zelenko, Vladimir Kuterovac, Blago Brkic, Gordana Ugrin-Sparac, Cedomil Buchberger, Zlatko Plenkovic...
Croatian Walk of Fame:  Dragutin Tadijanovic, Miroslav Krleza, Nikola Tesla, Oliver Dragojevic, Goran Ivanisevic, Ivan Dikic, Boris Dvornik, Ivo Robic, Ivan Supek...
Old Croat:  After long and hard wars, three Kings met at the hills of Medvednica to discuss world peace and to develop a new united city where future issues would be discussed and resolved...
Portraits of Canadian Prime Ministers:  Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, Jean Chretien, Kim Campbell, Brian Mulroney, John Turner, Joe Clark, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Lester B. Pearson, John Diefenbaker, Louis St. Laurent...
Portraits of Nobel Prize Winners:  Richard Schrock, Leopold Ruzicka, Vladimir Prelog, Mother Teresa, Lester Bowles Pearson, Anthony Leggett, Carl Wieman, Sidney Brenner and Albert Einstein
Our Old Profs:  Legends in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb: Josip Butorac, Nadzat Pasalic, Marijan Brezinscak, Vatroslav Lopasic, Josip Loncar, Vojislav Bego, Tomo Bosanac, Vladimir Muljevic, Zijad Haznadar...
Manda of Zagreb:  There is a legend that states that Ban met a beautiful girl named Manda in the main square near a water spring. He said to her, "Mando, duso zagrabi". In translation this approximately means, "Manda dear, scoop some water". From that moment and those words the city is named Zagreb and the water spring Mandusevac.
Famous People of Zavidovici:  Zavidovici is a young town in central Bosnia that was established at the end of the 19th century. The town is known for its wood industry and many famous people such as: Rudo Bartlovic, Pero Duric, Zdenko Veljacic Veki, Malkica Dugec, Gregerson, Hasan Kikic, Dr. Pinkas Band, Vladimir Banjanin, Anto Nakic, Sead Susic, Safet Susic, Miro Glavic, Premil Jovic, Enver Kadric...

Gallery Krunomir
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