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Jean Duhamel
Polymer chemistry
C2 163

Research Interests:

We are characterizing the behavior of polymers in solution using a variety of techniques. Among those techniques, fluorescence is certainly the workhorse of our research. Most polymers are synthesized and fluorescently labeled in the laboratory. The research projects aim at modeling the flexibility of polyolefins and polypeptides using fluorescence decay measurements and applying a blob-based approach. The dynamics of polypeptides random coils and rods are being investigated. The ability of polypeptides at carrying a hydrophobic drug mimic is also determined.

Solutions of associative polymers have peculiar viscoelastic properties which have found applications in the oil and paint industries. We are determining the level of association of water- and oil-soluble associative polymers by fluorescence. It is correlated with the viscoelastic properties of the solutions.

Specific applications: Characterization of chain folding; Characterization of the associative strength of water- and oil-soluble associative polymers; Characterization of the associations between associative polymers and colloidal particles.