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UeIL Facility

UeIL provides comprehensive set of tools to study structure and dynamics from an atomic level of inspection. We develop and implement high-resolution imaging and sample delivery methods to confer capabilities beyond those readily available in commercial electron microscopes.

1. Main Lab Area


Electron Microscopy Tools. A microtome station (left) allows for sectioning samples down to 20nm-thin slices, which can be further studied in Hitachi HD2000 STEM (right). The electron microscope operates at 200kV and may reach about 2A spatial resolution (lattice) at 7,000k magnification. HD2000 works in BF, DF, SE, and EDX modes.

FED Setup

Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Setup. UED is an indispensable tool to perform detailed dynamical studies in solid, liquid, and gas samples. Unlike traditional electron microscopes, this instrument, a tall shiny chamber in the photo, implements ultrashort 300keV electron pulses to unveil atomic motion with femtosecond temporal (100fs) and atomic spatial (sub-Angstrom) resolutions. Solid state samples can be also studied at low (20K minimum) temperatures using Helium cryohead.

Laser System

Femtosecond Laser System. Our laser system consists of the main laser unit (Pharos-SP), an Optical Parametric Amplifier (Orpheus), and extension modules (Lyra). Wavelength range: 210nm - 5000nm, pulse duration: 180fs, repetition rate: 1Hz - 200kHz.

Pump-Probe Setup

Femtosecond Pump-Probe Setup. A conventional optical pump-probe setup for transient absorption/reflectivity measurements. UeIL team has developed a comprehensive set of accessories such as micro- and nano-fluidic liquid cells, high pressure high temperature cell, cryogenic chamber, and heated gas cells to study solid, liquid, and gas samples at various physical conditions. The setup is fully automated and thanks to the high stability of the light source provides 24/7 data collection opportunity for our users.

Cleanroom hood

Cleanroom hood. Believe it or not, this little portable cleanroom provides ISO Class 5 environment (maximum 105 particles/m3), which is as good or even better than in most nanofabs. It is used by UeIL personnel for nanofluidic cells and detectors assembly, sample preparation, and any other procedures in which dust free environment is a must.

2. Wet Lab

Wet Lab

Basic synthesis, components cleaning, microfabrication, and sample preparation and inspection is done here.

3. Office Space

Wet Lab

Office Room. This is a comfortable spacious place for hardworking scientists to analyse data, discuss results, and write articles.

Cleanroom hood

The Great Coffee Machine. Last but not least, UeIL comes with an Espresso machine to empower team members and visitors for high performance and productivity. The mug in the picture features the logo of our annual Symposium on Chemical Physics.