Fillion Group Labs and Equipment



We occupy two labs in Chemistry 2 (Rooms 360 and 362) with seven fumehoods, eight benches, and three rotovaps


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C2 360- Home of Ganna, Yen, and Stuart

Description: 362

C2 362: Home of Siawash


The group has two sources of dry solvents- a Mbraun purification system and stills:


Description: solvents

Hexane, PhCH3, CH3CN, THF, Et2O,

CH2Cl2, and dichloroethane

Description: stills

iPrNH, Et3N, DME, and benzene


Running reactions with sensitive materials in Schlenk tubes calls for a glove box and oil baths:


Description: glovebox

MBraun inert-atmosphere glovebox

Description: oilbath

4X Ace Glass temperature controlled oilbaths


And all those products need to be characterizedů:


Description: GC

2X Agilent GCs w/ normal and chiral column

Description: GCMS

Agilent GC/MS with EI and CI


Description: HPLC

Waters HPLC w/ chiral columns