Group News



Dec 12:               


                             Ganna defended her MSc thesis entitled “Functionalization of sp3-Hybridized Carbon Centers through Carbon-Carbon σ Bond Cleavage Methods”. Congratulations!


Nov 12:              


                             Ganna gave a well-received talk on her MSc research at the 23rd QOMSBOC hosted by the University of Windsor.


Sept 12:              


The group welcomes Mengxiu, a new 494 student!


Stuart defended his PhD thesis entitled “Innovative Methods for the Catalyzed Construction of Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Hydrogen Bonds”

with Prof. Daniel Seidel as his external examiner. Congratulations Dr. Mahoney!


June 12:             


                             The Lewis acid promoted substitutions of benzyl Meldrum’s acids research is published in Organic Letters!


May 12:             


                             Prof. Fillion travelled to Eastern Europe to deliver a short course as well as seminars at Charles University (Prague), Institute of Chemical Technology (Prague),

                                    Gdansk University of Technology (Poland), and Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest).


                             Stuart presented research on the substitution of benzyl Meldrum’s acids at the CSC in Calgary.


Apr 12:               

                             Stuart wins the McNeil Graduate Scholarship in natural products chemistry from the GWC2.



Mar 12:              

                             Eric presented his 494 research project to an enthusiastic crowd at the SOUSCC at U of Guelph.



Jan 12:                

                             The group welcomes Azadeh, a new PhD student!



Oct 11:               

                             Stuart’s paper on the formation of N-fused indolines is accepted in Chemistry – A European Journal!


Sept 11:              

                             The group welcomes Jiaqi, a new graduate student, as well as Matt, an additional 494 student. Eric enjoyed

                                    the summer so much that he is staying on to conduct his 494 research too.


                                    The indanone Organic Syntheses prep. is now available online. Congratulations again Fillion group alumni!


Aug 11:              

                             The group welcomes Magda, who joins as a 494 student.


July 11:              

                             Prof. Fillion has been promoted to full Professor.


May 11:             

                             The group welcomes Eric, who joins as a summer NSERC student.


Apr 11:               

                             Stuart wins the McNeil Graduate Scholarship in natural products chemistry from the GWC2.


Mar 11:              

                             Hope presented a talk on his thesis project at SOUSCC held on home turf this year.


Feb 11:               

                             Prof. Fillion wins the Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research Award.


Jan 11:

The group welcomes Ganna, who joins as an MSc student.


                             Three new fumehoods are installed in C2-360!


Dec 10:

Prof. Fillion delivered a well received talk on our group’s research at Pacific Chem held in Hawaii.


Jérôme completed his stay in the lab and returned to France just in time for the holidays.


Nov 10:

Yen presented a poster on her hydrogenolysis research at QOMSBOC held at Brock.


Sept 10:    

The lab welcomes three new 494 students: Hope, Richard and Tyler.


Tim and Chan bid farewell to the lab as they start their graduate studies at U. of Toronto (Prof. Yudin and Prof. Lauten’s group, respectively)



May 10:

Yen and Stuart present exciting research at the 93rd Canadian Chemistry Conference in Toronto.


Recent graduate, Ashraf Wilsily is awarded the W. B. Pearson medal in Chemistry from the university,  for recognition of creative research as presented in his thesis. Congratulations!


Apr 10:

Stuart wins the Charles S. Humphrey Graduate Fellowship from the GWC2! (continuing the Fillion group streak started by Aaron and Ash)


Mar 10:

Chan , Tim  (both CGS-M) and Stuart (PGS-D) are successful in the NSERC competition!           


Tim and Greg’s research presentations were well received at the 38th SOUSCC at Western. Congratulations to Tim for placing first in the Organic Division for the second consecutive year!   


Feb 10:

Chan and Tim are successful in the summer NSERC competition. Congratulations!


The problems with the new server are fixed and the website is back in business.


Jan 10:

Stuart and Aaron’s paper on asymmetric addition of alkenylstannanes  was highlighted in Synfacts!


Yen and Ash’s  hydrogenolysis paper  was highlighted in Synfacts!


The Fillion lab adds postdoc Jérôme Jacq to the roster.


Dec 09:

Alex’s paper on Rhodium Catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Alkynylation with TMS-acetylene was highlighted in Synfacts!


Aaron’s article on Meldrum’s Acids in Catalytic Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Processes was published in Accounts of Chemical Research!


Aaron bodes farewell to the Fillion group as he prepares for his postdoctoral studies with Prof. Jeffrey Bode at ETH, Zürich beginning in

January 2010. Best of luck Aaron!


Nov 09:

Ash bodes farewell to the Fillion group as he prepares for his postdoctoral studies with Prof. Gregory Fu at MIT beginning in January 2010.

Best of luck Ash!


Oct 09:

Stuart and Aaron’s paper on asymmetric addition of alkenylstannanes was published in Organic Letters!


Ash’s full paper on asymmetric conjugate addition was published in JOC!


Ash and Yen’s paper on the hydrogenolysis of Meldrum’s acid derivatives was published in JACS!


Sept 09:

Alex’s paper on the Rh catalyzed asymmetric addition of TMS-acetylene to benzylidene Meldrum’s acids was published in JACS!


Aaron defended his PhD thesis entitled “Development of New Domino Reactions of Alkylidene Meldrum’s Acids Involving Friedel-Crafts

Chemistry and Catalytic Conjugate Addition of Alkylidene Meldrum’s Acids” with Prof. Dennis Hall as his external examiner. Congratulations Dr. Dumas!


Welcome the undergrads for 494 projects to the lab.  Tim and Chan are continuing on in their research projects and new additions, Greg and Miles, are working

with Ash to continue the study of unusual H-bonding.


Aug 09:

Ash defended his PhD thesis entitled “Enantioselective Conjugate Additions to Meldrum’s Acid Acceptors for the Synthesis of Quaternary Centres and Studies on Persistent Intramolecular C–H•••X (X = O, S, Br, Cl, and F) Hydrogen Bonds Involving Benzyl Meldrum’s Acids” with Prof. André Charette as his external examiner. Congratulations Dr. Wilsily!


Alex defended his MSc thesis on Rh catalyzed asymmetric alkynylations. Best of luck Alex!


June 09:

The group was well-represented at the 2009 Canadian Chemistry Conference held in Hamilton. Aaron, Tim, and Alex all gave talks in the Organic division, while Ash journeyed into strange territory and presented in the Physical Organic section (brave man). Stu was our sole representative in the Poster presentation.


The papers keep on coming… Stu, Dave, and Jon’s work on activation of benzylic C-H bonds in alkylidene Meldrum’s acid was published in Tetrahedron Letters!


May 09:

A very productive month sees three of our groups papers published:


Ash and Tim’s work on additions of dimethylzinc to alkylidene Meldrum’s acids will appear in a special issue of Synthesis on the use of phosphoramidite ligands.


A full account of our group’s work on Pd/Al dimetallic species was reported in Organometallics. Congratulations to all the former Fillion group members who contributed to project, and special thanks to Jarkko for putting together the massive Supporting Information!


The work of our former colleague Dan Fishlock on the mechanism of Friedel-Crafts acylation using Meldrum’s acid was published in Tetrahedron. This will appear in a special issue dedicated to Prof. Larry Overman to celebrate his receipt of the Tetrahedron Prize. Prof Overman was Prof. Fillion’s postdoc supervisor.


Welcome back to the lab Tim Lou and Chan Lau, our hardworking undergrads who were both here last summer as well.


Apr 09:

Aaron’s paper on conjugate allylations of alkylidene Meldrum’s acids was published in Organic Letters!


Mar 09:

Two of our undergrad students, Tim Lou and Jon Hollinger, gave talks at the 37th SOUSCC at Brock University. Congratulations to them both, as they each took first place in their divisions!


Dec 08:

Ash and Dan’s (Ph.D. Fillion group 2005) paper on an usual C-H hydrogen bond in benzylic Meldrum’s was published in JOC. A great way for the group to end the year!


Sept 08:

Welcome to Yen Nguyen, who joined the group as a Ph.D. student. She previously earned a M.Sc. from U of T working with Prof. Jik Chin.


Dave Moon defended his Master’s thesis work on an interesting C-H bond functionalization using alkylidene Meldrum’s acids. He is moving on to work at Dalton Chemical Laboratories in Toronto. Good luck Dave!


Two undergrads are doing their CHEM 494 project in the group this year. Jen Liu is returning after spending the summer here as an NSERC student, and we are happy to welcome Jon Hollinger who escaped from the lower floors to come learn organic chemistry.


Aug 08:

Ash and Aaron attended the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia. Ash gave a talk on his work on asymmetric conjugate addition, and Aaron presented an overview of the group’s Friedel-Crafts acylation methodology.


June 08:

Prof. Fillion was hosted by Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA and presented a talk on our group’s work on   C-C bond forming reactions using Meldrum’s acid derivatives.


Group alumna Julie’s paper describing her Master’s work on Pd-catalyzed cyclopropanations using diphenylketene was published in Organometallics.


May 08:

Jarkko presented a poster “Pd-Catalyzed Intramolecular Reaction of (E)-2,2-Disubstituted-1-alkenyldimethylalanes with Aryl Triflates” at the 91st CSC Conference in Edmonton, AB.


After a couple of semesters without any, the Fillion group is again rich with undergrad students. We are very happy to welcome back E-ting Liao for her third straight summer! Joining us for the first time are three NSERC USRAs Chan Lau, Tim Lou, and Jennifer Liu and an CHM 494 student Andre McKay.


Apr 08:

Ash’s paper on enantioselective conjugate addition to functionalized alkylidene Meldrum’s acid was published in Org. Lett.


Mar 08:

Aaron’s paper on regioselectivity in Friedel-Crafts acylations of indoles was published in JOC.


Jan 08:

A great start to the year! Our former members Seb, Lauren, and Vince have their paper on conjugate addition of functionalized alkenyl nucleophiles published in Organic Letters! See the publications page for a link.


Congratulations to Ash and Aaron, who were awarded Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships!


Oct 07:

Ash and Aaron attended the 18th QOMSBOC in Montreal. Ash gave a great talk about his work on enantioselectiveconjugate addition to functionalized alkylidene Meldrum’s acid that was very well received. Aaron presented a poster on his investigations into the regioselectivity of intramolecular Friedel-Crafts acylation of indoles.


Sept 07:

Long-time Fillion Group member Julie gave a great talk in defense of her Master’s thesis and received a well-deserved M.Sc. Luckily for us, she has not left us completely, as she accepted a position just down the hall as coordinator of the undergrad organic labs. For some of us, that means she’s gone from our co-worker to our boss!


Julie’s departure was quickly filled by the arrival of 3 new graduate students! Welcome back to Alex Zorzitto, who did his CHM 494 with us earlier this year. Stuart Mahoney joins us from the University of Windsor, and Jarkko Heikkinen has replaced Seb as the resident European, coming all the way from Finland.


Aug 07:

After a productive year and half in Canada, our 1st postdoc, Seb, has returned to France and has taken a position at the Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble. Best of luck to him.


Our paper on a useful method of preparing alkylidene Meldrum’s acids was published in Tetrahedron Letters! See the publications page for a link


May 07:

Adam had such a great time working with Aaron for his 794 that he decided to join the group for the summer as well (defecting to the other lab to work with Julie). We’re happy to welcome E-Ting Liao back into the fold for another summer working with Ash. We are also joined by John Su, a NSERC USRA awardee, and Lucas Pouthiers who came from France as an exchange student.


April 07:

Congratulations to Ash and Aaron who both won awards from the GWC2 at this years annual meeting. Ash was awarded the McNeil Graduate Scholarship for Natural Products Synthesis (the 2nd group member to win this prize!). Aaron won the Ph.D Graduate Seminar Prize, as well as the Charles S. Humphrey Graduate Fellowship.


March 07:

The 35th SOUSCC was held this year at UOIT. Our undergrads Alex, Adam, Tammy, and James did a great job of presenting their research. We wish them all good luck and congratulations on completing your B.Sc.


Dec 06:

A fruitful year for the Fillion Lab (5 papers in 2006) was capped off by the publication of Vince’s paper on the carbenoid behavior of a tin-palladium organodimetallic in Organometallics. See the publications page.


Nov 06:

After a great talk and a grueling defense, Vince became the 2nd Ph.D to graduate from the Fillion Lab. Congratulations Vince, and good luck! He will be joining the lab of Prof. K.C. Nicolaou as a post-doc in January 2007.


Seb gave a talk about his work on vinylstannane conjugate additions at the 17th QOMSCOB in London, ON. Ash, Julie, and Aaron presented posters.


Congratulation to Dr. Fillion, who was awarded an Early Researcher Award from the Government of Ontario. Learn more about the awards here.


Aaron and Sylvia’s paper on the construction of tetrahydrofluorenes has been published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry. See the publications page.


Ash and E-Ting’s work on enantioselective 1,6-conjugate additions was published in Tetrahedron: Asymmetry. See the publications page.


Sept 06:

We welcome a new graduate student, Dave Moon, to the group!


There are 4 undergrads doing their CHM 494 projects in the lab this year: Tammy Sitler, Alex Zorzitto, Adam Seed, and James Nattress.


June 06:

Congratulations to Tim and Lauren, who received their B.Sc. degrees this month.


Congratulations to Aaron, who’s talk at the CSC placed 2nd in the Organic Division


May 06:             

Another summer means another crop of slave labor: Lauren and Tim are continuing their 494 projects, Tammy Sitler has rejoined us fulltime (but has defected from Aaron to work with Julie) and we are very pleased to welcome E-Ting Liao to the group.


Aaron closed the 89th CSC conference with “Domino Reactions of Meldrum’s Acid Alkylidenes Involving Friedel-Crafts Chemistry”.


April 06:

Congratulations to Aaron and Julie, who received OGS and OGSST scholarships, respectively. We’re rich! (sort of)


March 06:

The Fillion group is happy to welcome its first post-doc, Sebastien Carret!


Sylvia, Tim, and Lauren presented their CHM 494 projects at the SOUSCC, which was held at York University.


Congratulations to Ash, who received a prestigious CGS-D award for Sept 2006!! Another NSERC scholarship went to Lauren, who got a PGS-M! Aaron and Julie are still nervously awaiting news from OGS (fingers crossed).


February 06:      

Two in a row! Ash’s paper on enantioselective conjugate additions to form  chiral benzylic quaternary centers has been published in JACS. There is a link on the publications page


January 06:        

A great start to the new year: our paper on the synthesis of dihydrocoumarins, chromanones, coumarins and chromones was published in the first JOC issue of 2006. See the publications page for a link to the paper.


December 05:

Anna did a fantastic job defending her thesis on Dec 8th. She is the 3rd Master’s student to graduate from the Fillion lab. Congratulations Anna!


November 05:  


Ash presented a talk, and Vince and Aaron had posters at the 16th QOMSBOC hosted by McGill University Nov 11-13.


September 05:


Congratulations to Aaron who received an OGS scholarship for 2005-2006.


The lab is in full swing again and ready to start another semester! Three undergrads have joined the Fillion Lab to complete their Chem 494 project: Lauren Mercier is back with the group after a year-long absence. The newcomers are Tim Rasmusson and Sylvia Hogg.              


August 2005:   

Dan successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on June 21st and has gone on to post-doctoral studies with Dr. Robert M. Williams at the University of Colorado in Fort  Collins, CO. Dan is the first Ph.D student to graduate from the Fillion Group and has a set a high standard for the rest us.


Congratulations to Julie, who was awarded an OGSST scholarship for the Fall 2005 term.


Vincent will be presenting a talk on “Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming 1,2-Ligand Migration of Organoalanes”, at the ACS conference in Washington, DC. The talk is Tuesday, August 30 as part of the Metal-Mediated Reactions and Syntheses section.


The Fillion group’s first major total synthesis, (±)-Taiwaniaquionol B, was completed by Dan and accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. This was published on the Web August 30th and has since made its way into a recent issue (see Publications page).


June 2005:

Dr. Fillion has been awarded the AstraZeneca Award in Chemistry in recognition of his contributions to organic chemistry.


Dan won an award at the 89th CSC in Saskatoon, SK. His talk on the total synthesis of Taiwaniaquinol B was recognized for being mildly entertaining. Julie presented a poster at the same conference on her kinetic studies of the Friedel-Crafts acylation using Meldrum’s acid derivatives.


May 2005: 

Two new undergraduates, Neil and Bryan, joined the Fillion lab as NSERC USRAs for the summer.


Vincent and Anna attended the Graduate Student Symposium at SUNY Buffalo (May 18-19, 2005). Vince gave a talk titled “Tandem Methyl-  Migration / Arylation Reaction : A Stereospecific Process Promoted by Catalytic Pd(II) / Al Organodimetallic Complexes”. Anna’s poster was on “Stereospecific Palladium-catalyzed 1,2-Ligand Migration of Organoalanes”



April 2005:

Congratulations to Julie for placing 1st in Organic Chemistry at the Southern Ontario Undergraduates Students Chemistry Conference held at the University of Toronto. Her talk was on “Meldrum’s Acids as Acylating Agents in the Intramolecular Friedel-Crafts Reaction: Rate of Cyclization as a Function of Ring Size”.


Two well-deserved NSERC scholarships were awarded to members of the Fillion group: Vincent received a PGS-D2 and Ash accepted a CGS-M.