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2009/01/01: Major revision made to this page.

Work on Problems in the Tasks and Submit Them

The Tasks provide problems for you to test your understanding and enhance your learning. Some problems involve evaluation of quantities, and for them please provide the final values, not formulas, at the space provided.

Once you have submitted your answers to the Tasks, you will receive a file that gives you hints on how some of the problems can be solved. Thus, you will not be notified of any error in your submitted results.

Your submitted Task results will be reviewed at the end of the term. I will check (1) to see if you have submitted all your Task results, and (2) correctness of your results. If you submitted some of your Tasks without putting in any effort, you will receive zero for the 10% allocated for Tasks. Dont worry; efforts shows in your answers.

Regarding one-minute summaries (OMS)

Reflecting on what you have learned once you have finished with a modual is helpful to your learning. Please take advantage of this while submitting your OMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past years, students asked questions in their one-minute summaries (OMS). The following are some questions and my responses. These may be of interest to you and you may read them if you have the time.

Final Exam Information

The final examination consists of 50 to 60 multiple choice questions. Please bring you calculator for the exam. The Data Sheet on the inside cover of the Lecture Notes will be supplied during the final examination.

Final examinations test your understanding of the concepts, your knowing of facts, and your ability to apply these concepts and theories to solve problems including calculation of quantities.

The Midterm example gives some questions that I have set a few years ago for the Campus Course. You may get some clues regarding how the questions are made up from these examples. Of course, the questions in the Quizzes and Tasks are also examples of questioning style in the final. Doing the Tasks and Quizzes honestly is a practice for your final examination.

The Quiz Guide

Writing the quizzes is a self assessment, not work to be done. Please write the quizzes as if you are writing an examination. Each quiz is designed to be finished in less than 15 minutes.

The computer system seldom marks your answer incorrectly. The system has been tested for several years.

After you have answered the question, the system gives you a Hint. The Hints are not answers, but suggestions as to how to solve the problem. Please use it to learn the theory involved in the question. I hope they are helpful for discovering your error.

For questions require numerical answers, the system compare Your Answers with the Answers it evaluated. Then an Error is evaluated by:

Error = (Answer - YourAnswer)/Answer If the Error is less than 3-5% (0.03 to 0.05), YourAnswer will be accepted as correct. If the question requires a rather precise answer, I usually set Error < 3% as the limit; otherwise Error < 5% is the limit.

Please enter very large or small numerical answers in the format #.##e## or #.##E##. On the other hand, values such as 102345678, 1.02e8, 1.023E08, and 1.023e+08 are accepted by the Quiz system. For very small values such as 1.23x10-23 should be entered as 6.023e-23 or 6.023E-23

The deadlines for quizzes set a schedule for you to acquire skills gradually for building a solid foundation. Please write your quizzes a few days before the deadlines so that you may get help in case something goes wrong.

After a quiz, assess your strength and weakness. Please find ways to improve your learning rather than trying to maximize your quiz mark. Up to 5% deduction may apply if your quiz marks are > 90% but your final examination mark is < 60%.

If your computer freezes or you suspect your quiz mark not properly recorded, please re-write the quiz (again). The computer system will decide to allow or not to allow you to write.

Usually, a mark is assigned according to the performance at the time. Writing a quiz is a performance. A mark is assigned with certain rules, not just providing an answer. Certain procedures must be implemented in Quizzes Over the Internet in order to be fair to all students. Please follow the procedures.

Quiz Outline

Click the individual Quiz for the Quiz Page.
Topics or concepts to be tested are listed below each Quiz.
  1. Energy - 2009/05/21@16:00HR <== Deadline

  2. Discoveries of X-rays and radioactivity, and atomic structures - 2009/05/28@16:00HR <== Please write the quiz a few days before the deadline.

  3. Structure of the Atom and X-rays - 2009/06/04@16:00HR <== Please write the quiz a few days before the deadline.

  4. Radioactivity - 2009/06/11@16:00HR

  5. Particles and Nuclides - energy states - 2009/06/18@16:00HR Nuclides - energy states

  6. Nuclear Reactions - changing nuclei - 2009/06/25@16:00HR

  7. Nuclear Fission - energy for war and peace - 2009/07/02@16:00HR

  8. Nuclear Fusion - powering the universe - 2009/07/09@16:00HR

  9. Ionizing Radiation - safety - 2009/07/16@16:00HR Dose Units and Radiation Safety

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