Physical Constants

Fundamental physical constants for chemistry and physics. Extensive Table
SymbolValue and Unitquantity
u 1.6605402x10-27 kg
1.49242072x10-10 J c-2
931.49432 MeV
Atomic mass unit (amu)
NA 6.0221367x1023 mol-1
6.0221367x1026 kmol-1
Avogadro's number
e 2.7182818 Base of natural logarithms
k 1.3800 J K-1
Boltzmann constant (R/NA)
p 3.1415927 Circumference to diameter ratio
C 8.987551787x109 N m2 kg-2 Coulomb constant
qe 1.60217733x10-19 C/e
4.80653199x10-10 esu/e
Electric charge per electron
F 96485.309 C/mol
2.894559x1014 esu
Faraday constant
G 8.987551787x109 N m2 C-2 Gravitational constant
R 8.314510 J mole-1 K-1
0.08205 l atm mole-1 K-1
Ideal gas constant
h 6.6260755x10-34 J s
6.6260755x10-27 erg s
Planck's constant
me 9.1093897x10-31 kg
5.48579903x10-4 u
0.510999 MeV
Rest mass of electron
mp 1.6726231x10-27 kg
1.007276470 u
938.2723 MeV
Rest mass, proton
mH 1.67353404x10-27 kg
1.00782505 u
938.7833 MeV
Rest mass, hydrogen
mn 1.6749286x10-27 kg
1.008664904 u
939.56536 MeV
Rest mass, neutron
c 299,792,458 m s-1
2.997925x1010 cm/s
Velocity of light
RH 109677.60 cm-1 Rydberg constant for H