Nuclear Technology
an introduction

Instructor: Chung Chieh, Department of Chemistry
C2-263, Tel: 888-4567-ext.5816.
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Hydrogen bomb explosions release horrific amounts of energy. How? What? When? Where? and Why? These are some of the questions to be discussed in SCI270. We will discuss the science development around nuclear technology and its impact to our lives.

Course Contents

Chapter     Title
  1. Title - constants, list of elements, and and conversion factors.
  2. Energy - the driving force of change
  3. Natural Units - atoms, molecules, moles, and electrons
  4. Atoms - the tiny wonders
  5. Radioactive Decay - transmutation of nuclides
  6. Particles - frozen energy states
  7. Nuclides - composite particles of nucleons
  8. Nuclear Reactions - changing the hearts of atoms
  9. Nuclear Fission - energy for war and peace
  10. Nuclear Fusion - an ideal energy source
  11. Interaction of Radiation With Matter - radiation detection and measurements
  12. Biological Effects of Radiation - safety in nuclear technology
  13. Nuclear Technology - applications of nuclear technology (ppt slides only)

Lecture notes - Introduction to Nuclear Technology - are available from the University Bookstore.

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The Assessment