Films and Videos Related to Nuclear Technology

Some films and videos are available from the Audio and Visual Film Library. Students may borrow a film or video tape to be viewed in the Audio Visual Center. The following are some titles, but you may also search the Media Catalog Search of the Audio Visual Center web sites for more related films or video tapes.


MP16 - 16 mm films
UW - University of Waterloo Holding
Toronto - University of Toronto
WLU - Wilfred Laurie University
Guelph - University of Guelph
York - University of York
b/w - black and white

Films and Videos

The universe

  • Big Bang: VHS, UW, color, 30 min

    Structure of the atom

  • the Rutherford Atom (300017), 39:40 min 1961 UW
  • the Rutherford Model (119998,VH) 1984 (9:34 min, Toronto)
  • the Bohr Model (119999), VHS (9:34 Toronto)
  • Probability and Uncertainty: the quantum mechanical view of nature: MP16 (2 reals), UW, 56 min
  • World within world - from crystals to JJ Thomson to Chadwick to Boltzman, MP16, UW, 52 min


  • The nucleus - alpha, beta, and gamma radiation MP16, UW, b/w, 25 min

    Theory of Relativity

  • The ultimate speed, MP16, UW, b/w, 37 min
  • What Einstein never knew: VC3/4. UW, color, 50 min
  • Is Time Real, 30 min (VHS Toronto and WLU)
  • the Nature Of Space And Time, 6 min (1996, VHS Toronto)
  • Newton, Einstein And Gravity, 30 min (1994, VHS UW)

    Particle and antiparticle

  • Positron-electron annihilation MP16, UW, b/w, 28 min UW
  • Time Dilation, An Experiment With Mu-Mesons: MP16, UW, 37 min
  • Elementary Particles And The Laws Of Physics 75 min (1997, VHS Toronto)

    Fission and nuclear reactors

  • Who found the Missing Link? VHS, UW, color, 26 min
  • The Nuclear Reactor: MP16, UW, 9 min
  • the Fast Reactor (300375,16) 1985, York.
  • Power from the atom: MP16, Guelph, color, 14 min

    Nuclear bomb

  • If You Love This Planet: MP16, UW, color, 28 min
  • Hitler's bomb: VHS, CMM, 50 min
  • A quesiton of survival: Go play in the nuclear power park, M16, UW, 52 min
  • Title:          Trinity And Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie (258828)
    Physical:       Color; Sound; 95 min
    Year            1997
    Distributor     FACETS (0823)
    A documentary film which chronicles the top secret, strange and visually
    compelling history and motivation for design, production and testing of
    Atomic and Hydrogen bombs by the United States. This film also incorporates
    rare previously unreleased and classified government footage of these
    weapons and interviews with Dr. Edward Teller and Dr. Frank H. Shelton.
    Holdings  1/2" (VHS): Ottawa, 1 copy
    0       100 tons of TNT explosion
            Interview with Edward Teller
    8       The design of Little Boy and the Fat Man
    11      Loading the little boy and fatman
            Explosion of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1,800 ft above,
              killing 70,000 and 42,000
    17      Crossroad Tests
    20      Explosion of Baker
    24      Sand Stone Pu and DT boosted explosion
            Mark IV and Mark V design
            Tactecal and strategic bombs
    31      Greehous Operations
    36      H-bomb, Mike test
    41      Mike ex[plosions 10 megaton TNT
    43      A series of tests 15 kilotons, wave
    48      The Big One
    54      Underwater explosion
    59      Operation Redwin, 3.5 megatons
    1.02    Radiation Effect
            Operation Plumbob
    1.06    Underground Testing
            Operation Hardtack 3.5 megtons EMP silenced electron communications
            Teak and Orange Tests
    1:13    57 Megton H-bomb, a scaled down of 100 megton bomb of the USSR
            New armrace
    1:16    Operation Dominic launched from submarines
            Operation Swordfish in Christmas Island
            High-altitude tests
            tightlrope test
    1:27    China test


  • Nuclear Fusion: Energy For The 21st Century, MP16, York, color, 25 min
  • Lives Of Stars, VHS, UW, color, 30 min
  • Hot jam in the doughnut: VHS, UW, color, 50 min
  • To the center of the Sun, VHS, CMM, 58 min


  • The linear accelerator: MP16, UW, 13 min.

    Radiation Safety: MP16, UW

  • the Key To Contamination Control
  • the Key To Contamination Detection
  • the Key To Decontamination Procedures

    Laboratory Lafety: Radiation protection series: MP16, UW

  • Sources And Control Of Ionizing Hazards
  • Internal And External Radiation Exposure Control
  • Effects Of Exposure And Guidelines For Control
  • Safe Handling Techniques And Requirements
  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Control Of Radiation Exposure
  • Radioactive Waste Management
  • Laboratory Surveys