SCI 270 Lecture Notes

SCI270 Lecture Notes, Regarding Nuclear Technologies is available from the University Bookstore for those who need a printed copy.

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Title Pages including constants, list of elements, and and conversion factors.

Chapter     Title

  1. Energy - the driving force of change
  2. Natural Units - atoms, molecules, moles, and electrons
  3. Atoms - the tiny wonders
  4. Radioactive Decay - transmutation of nuclides
  5. Particles - frozen energy states
  6. Nuclides - composite particles of nucleons
  7. Nuclear Reactions - changing the hearts of atoms
  8. Nuclear Fission - energy for war and peace
  9. Nuclear Fusion - an ideal energy source
  10. Interaction of Radiation With Matter - radiation detection and measurements
  11. Biological Effects of Radiation - safety in nuclear technology
  12. Application of Nuclear Technology This chapter only has a title. It is being prepared.
  13. Worksheet
  14. Index table only

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Corrections on SCI270 Lecture Notes

Page Error infomationCorrect information
89 The table shows element as Li Bei B B B B B Ne The elements should be Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne

The following errata was for the version 2000. They should have been corrected on the version for 2001. However, this is left here for rechecking, just in case you are using the old version.

Page Error infomationCorrect information
55 Table: 0.000510999 MeV 0.510999 MeV
59 23.5, 11.6, and 11.7 nm 0.235, 0.116, and 0.117 nm
70 Bragg (1890-1942) Bragg (1890-1971)
108 252Fm98 252Fm100
111 6Li, 7Li etc 6Li, 7Li, etc
121 l = ..., the orbital angular quantum...orbital angular momentum quantum
134 average mass of a nuclide average mass of nucleons
222 1.602x10-23 J
1 MeV
1 MeV
222 7.861019 J 7.86x1013 J
222 equivalent to 2.2x1013 kilowatt... equivalent to 2.2x107 kilowatt.
Delete the rest of the paragraph
or correct the values.
268 H + H = D + b+ + n H + H = D + b+ + n
278 13N ® 13C + b+ (+ b-) + n
13N ® 13C + b+ (+ b-) + n
278 15O ® 15C + b+ (+ b-) + n 15O ® 15C + b+ (+ b-) + n