A former SCI270 student's e-mail

Mr. Blake Barber wrote on June 4, 2002

Dr. Chieh:

While doing company research I "stumbled into you front yard". I took a general nuclear course from you back in '93 or 94 not realizing I would be working in the field shortly thereafter. I have been sending the below to clients just to inform them of everything we are capable of and thought you might be interested in what is occurring just down the road.

Best Regards,

Blake Barber, BSc. '94

His attachment

After 20 years providing unique analyses to labs throughout Canada, we are pleased to announce that Becquerel Labs now has a web site (www.becquerellabs.com).

It is the intention of this site to showcase all of our analytical capabilities. Many clients do not realize that Becquerel consists of two distinct divisions: NAA & Radiological.

Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) (http://www.becquerellabs.com/naa.html)

Radiological Analysis (http://www.becquerellabs.com/radiological.html)

Becquerel Labs Inc.
#4, 6790 Kitimat Rd.
Mississauga, ON, Canada
L5N 5L9