The Manhattan Project - the atomic bomb project

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The Manhattan Project is the code name for the United States program to develop an atomic bomb during World War II, the Manhattan Project was the largest scientific effort undertaken to that time. It involved 37 installations throughout the country; at least 13 university laboratories; and 100,000 people, including the Nobel prize-winning physicists Arthur Holly Compton, Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Ernest Lawrence, and Harold Urey.

The Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Spy

Klaus Fuchs After much investigation, on 27 January 1950 Fuchs confessed to MI5 of his spy activities. This discovery probably accelerated the U.S. hydrogen bomb effort, which had been announced by President Truman only four days after Fuchs' arrest. After serving 9 years in prison, he was released to East Germany where he became a lecturer in physics.