Final Examination Time

The final examination time for SCI270 has been scheduled by the Registrar to be April 7, 2004, 19:00-22:00, in the PAC Area 1 and 2.

Please double-check it out from the UoW website.

The final exam consists of many multiple choice questions. The exact number of question has not been finalized yet. I will certainly concentrate on materials mentioned during lectures, but study all the material in the lecture notes please.

All chapters in the lecture notes will be included for the final exam.

Some Example Questions of the Final Examination

No answer is or will be provided here for the following example questions. Please use these for checking your ability or skills rather than trying to catch the questions during the final exam. At least, I am trying to avoid the same questions.


Data for 14C: half life, 5730 y; mode of decay, beta; decay energy, 0.156 MeV
Masses (amu): 1H, 1.007825; 1n: 1.008665; 2D, 2.0140; 3T, 3.01605; 4He, 4.00260;
14N, 14.00307; 24Mg12, 23.98504; 64Ni28, 63.9280; 64Zn30, 63.9291.
Constants: Avogadro's number = 6.022x1023 mol-1; 1.0 y = 31558152 s;
1.0 Ci = 3.700x1010 Bq; Charge per electron = 1.6029x10-19 C;
Faraday constant = 96485 C;
Conversion factors: 1 amu = 1.66053x10-27 kg = 1.4924x10-10 J = 931.4812 MeV.

For 59Co27: atomic mass = 58.9332 amu, abundance = 100%; the total cross sections for the reaction 59Co (n, gamma) 60Co reaction = 37 b.
For 60Co, half life = 5.26 y, decay energy = 2.819 MeV. For 60Ni28, atomic mass = 59.9307906 amu, abundance = 26.23%.