SCI 270: On Nuclear Technology Practice Problems  
Please study and then test your understanding using these problems. Please do not hand in any answers for marking.

Energy Practice Problems

Years ago, I ask students to think creatively and then write an essay on a topic related to energy. This is still an excellent practice. However, time is ripe for a change.

Ignore the rest for the moment. I am going to give some practice problems.

of your choice. Please first establish a title that is somewhat related to energy or on some special aspects of energy, but avoid giving textbook-type definitions and explanations of energy. Make your (two-page & double-space typed) essay of literature quality. You can use any style: scientific, story, fiction, report, essay, history, investigative, a poem, an art work, or mystery. You may include any illustration, diagram, subtitle, and work art to enhance your essay.

Energy is the driving force of all changes, and many courses deal with energy related subjects. Whether you have taken one or many courses related to energy, you can write an equally interesting essay. So, get into the thinking process and have fun. Write, rewrite, and rewrite to polish it till it shines.

Your essay will be read according to scientific contents, creativity, clarity, literature quality, and arguments.

Things to consider when you rewrite and polish


A reference serves the purposes of showing the credibility and source of information. It properly credits the originator of the concept, viewpoint, and data. Author(s), title of article, title of book, magazine or journal, publisher, year of publication, and page number should be clearly indicated so that a reader (marker) can find the reference to see if you have used it properly. Give the web-site if you get the information from the internet.

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