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Tips for tests

  1. Most examinations test your thinking ability. The purpose of any test is to test your analytical skill. You need to know the subject material for its concepts and language. You apply the learned concept and theory to solve the problem.

  2. Be in charge of your problem, one at a time. Don't be passive. Feel comfortable to look at the entire test, and attack the easy problem one at a time with all your attention. Maximize your mark by working on the problems you can confidently solve first, but never be over confident. Overconfidence always leads to disappointing results.

  3. Answer based on the information given. You must understand the question before you can answer it. Your answer must be consistent with the information given.

  4. Avoid traps. Most multiple choice questions are made up with items in anticipation of errors in your reasoning. Work on the solutions carefully, and recheck the quesiton before you make the final choice. Do not rely upon rechecking, because you will not have time to look back.

  5. Think more, do less. The strategy is more important than getting an answer.

  6. Don't leave any blanks on your multiple choice answer card if there is no penalty.

  7. Make sure the markers understand what you are writing for questions requiring written answers.

  8. Ask for clarification during the examination time, the instructors may not provide hint.