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[NEW] Some of you have done the quizzes before June 15's announcement by Prof. Le Roy. If your mark were not perfect, I have removed them so that you can re-write the quiz. If they were 99/99, I have kept them.

When you write quiz 7, all marks for quiz 1 to 6 are displayed to you. If you see the mark as -1, it indicates that you have to write that quiz again.

Due to massive SPAM and virus, please specify Chem120 Quiz as your Subject when you send a e-mail. Otherwise, it may not reach Prof. Chieh.

Deadlines for quizzes set a timed schedule for your learning, and we hope you acquire the skills gradually to build a strong solid foundation. However, we have different learning styles and you may write any of the quizzes anytime before the deadline.

Quiz        1      2      3      4      5       6      7      8      9
Deadline  01/23  01/30  02/06  02/13  02/27   03/12  03/19  03/26  04/02

Quizzes are available till 4:00 pm on the deadline indicated for each quiz. Please don't wait till the last day to write your quiz. Deadlines cannot be extended. If you do not write it before the deadline, that quiz mark will automatically be zero (0).

Instruction for Writing Quizzes

Marks are assigned according to performances, which include writing quizzes. Marks are assigned with certain rules, not just providing answers.

Each time you click the mouse, the system detects your intention. Clicking the Submitting Button is counted as an attempt by the system, and losing marks due to double clicking the Submitting Button is a fair price for a lesson early in life.


  1. Intermolecular forces January 23

  2. The solid state January 30

  3. Chemical kinetics - rate laws February 6

  4. Chemical kinetics - mechanism and activation energy February 13

  5. Chemical equilibrium Reading week Feb. 16-20; Midterm Test on Feb. 25
    February 27
    Notes: The "<=>" is used in chemical equations to represent reversible reactions. Use 1.23e-5 to mean 1.23x10-5 for numerical answers.

  6. Acids and bases March 12

  7. Acid base equilibria March 19

  8. Heterogeneous equilibrium March 26

  9. Electrochemistry April 2

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