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Term Test Example Problems


There were two term tests in the past, and during 1995-1997, there was only one term test. In 1998, the instructors decided to have two mid-term tests. Some questions may involve materials that has not been covered yet.

Last update 6:30pm Jan. 31, 1998; more to do yet!

Term Test Example Problems

In the DOS version, the problems are placed in the DIALOGUE, and you may work on the problems as you usually do in other modules.

There is no indication as to what is covered in this module, and that is intentional. It's only a practice, and you might use the dialogue as if you are writing the term test.

As a practice, try to time yourself. Record the number of questions you have answered in 50 minutes. Keep track of your score as you do the problems. It might give you an indication as to the real situation.

Some of the problems are related to acid-base equilibrium. Chapters on acid and base have not been covered yet in 1998.

Confidence Building Questions

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