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Review and Final Examination

Purposes of Final Review

Review and Final Examination

There is no short cut to success. Time and effort are required to score high. Some problems used in past final examinations are posted. Instructors will avoid questions similar to these. However, you certainly will benefit from this review if you identify the theories and skills you think these questions test you.

Writing Exams

Answer these questions as if you are writing the examination. The practical experience will help you avoid minor mistakes. While writing out the answers, you also acquire the skills to put your answer in an organized way to earn higher marks than otherwise. Practice makes it perfect, and there is no replacement for practice. Treat the practice as an exam, and the exam will be a practice for you.

There are two sets of final exam questions on the course Internet. These are for you to practice writing exams, not the only thing to study.

Concentrate on answering one question at a time. If you are confused about the question and have no idea how to answer it, don't be panic. Skip it for the moment and come back to answer it if you have time. This way, you will earn all the marks for what you studied and know, instead of a complete break down and failing the exam.

Make sure to read the question carefully and answer the question directly. No marks will be awarded for a lot of beautiful writing.

Questions Requiring Written Answers

Chem 123/125 final examinations usually consist of two parts. Part A questions require written answers, whereas Part B questions are multiple choice.

Part A Questions are given in this link, and the Part B questions are given below.

Multiple Choice Example Questions

Some example questions are given in the order of the topics covered during this term. This way, you can relate to the topics you have reviewed. In the final examination, questions are in a random order following no set patterns. For Winter 1999, the exam consists of 30 multiple questions.

Intermolecular forces


Confidence Building Questions