Chem123 Final Exam Information

In the past, we had a combination of multiple-choice (MC) and written questions. In order to be fair, the written questions are divided into parts. Each part has a value similar to that of a multiple-choice question. For some time, the first-year chemistry instructors wanted to use an all-multiple-choice-question final examination. We looked at the average between the written and multiple questions separately. They two averages are very similar, and we have decided to use an all-multiple-choice-question final examination.

Usually, there are 40 MC questions. The number of MC questions from a chapter is about the same as the number of lectures for it. More questions are from chapters that have not been tested in midterm exam(s).

For Spring (May-August), 2003 the distribution of questions are as follows:

Chapt:  13      15      16      17+18    19      21      total
MC        6       6       6       12      4       6       40
Distribution of question in various chapters may vary slightly, however.

Examination date, time and place are:

Date & time: Friday, August 8, 2003, 14:00-17:00 hr
Room: MC 2017 and MC 2054

You are expected to apply the principles learned to answer and solve the problems.

Bring your calculator. Almost half of the multiple questions involve some numbers.

The information given here is for the Winter Term in 2002, but the information is generally true.

We sincerely hope you do well.