Chem123/125 Early Examination

If you have confidence that you will be able to score 75% or more, you may write this early examination.

If you score more than 70%, your mark is the mark for your Chem123/125. You are no longer requred to attend the lecture or write the quiz. You will get the credit at the end of the term, but you have to register for the course in order to get the credit.

I suggest 75% earlier, because in the past some students get low 80 did not accept the marks, and they attended lectures and wrote the quizzes and midterms to achieve better marks.

Your Chem120 marks may be used as a guide for your ability. If your Chem120 mark is higher than 80, you may have a chance to achieve a mark 70% or more.

The time for the Early Exam is Jan 12, Friday, between 14:30 and 17:30 hr.

If you e-mail,, I will e-mail you and let you know the building and room number for the exam on Jan 11. I will not let you know the room number before Jan 11.

Please include your full name, ID number and your e-mail address.