Final Examination Data Sheet

Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

You will have a Periodic Table of Chemical Elements with atomic weight for each element. This link gives you an example of the periodic table, but the one you will get may be slightly different.

Physical Constants

Physical constants will also be given. All the constants required for the final examination will be given, but this table gives you most of the important physical constants.

Equilibrium Constants

Equilibrium constants may be given in the forms of value or pK. For example, pKa for weak acids and pKb for weak bases will be given as do for solubility products sparingly salts.

Standard Electric Potentials

Standard Electric Potentials for many half cells will be given, and you must select which one to use.


A formula is a concise representation of a model or theory in science. Some complicated ones may be given in the data sheet, but you should understand all theories and know how to apply them using designated formulas.