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Qz6 - Acids, Bases and Salts

Skills to be tested

  • Calculate the pH, concentrations of various equilibrium species of acid and base solutions.
  • Apply the concept of conjugate acid-base pairs to solve problems.
  • Consider autoionization of water in problem solving.
  • Evaluate the fraction of dissociation.
  • Calculate the pH at various stages of titration.
  • Apply equilibria of polyprotic acids in problem solving.
  • Apply the hydrolysis principle to evaluate pH of salt solutions.
  • Evaluate quantities in buffer solutions.
  • Review of Acids, Bases and Salts

    This Quiz covers the equilibria of acids, bases, and salts. When you dissolve a salt in water to make a solution, the cations or anions or both will react with water (hydrolysis), resulting in an acidic or basic solution. The quantities to be calculated are pH, and the concentrations of the various species.

    Some of the quiz questions have a difficulty level expected in term tests. You might get questions of similar difficulty in the final exam.

    The common ion effect is a broader view of buffer solutions. In doing this quiz, it is important to analyze the problem carefully, determine what information you have available, and then what is required of you to do.

    If you are using the DOS version, you may press the (Q) key to enter the Quiz mode.

    Review Problems

    Here are some example problems that involve neutralization, buffer, hydration, salts and titrations.

    Confidence Building Questions

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