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Questions and Answers on Quizzes

Here are some questions and answers regarding quizzes.

Students e-mailed in these problems regarding quizzes. There are some interesting stories there, and you may learn a thing or two that will help you avoid making the same mistakes. Click quizzes again on your menu to do the quizzes.

Number of attempts high!

The post quiz report says that i attemped question 4 twice, however does not show any penalty marks.


Among the four problems you answered correctly, only one showed that you attempted twice. You may think the system has done something wrong, but the system treats every problem the same way. You have answered three questions with no problem. Somehow, your computer sent back some messages that appeared that you have attempted question 4 twice. There are many ways to atempt the same problem more than once, and any of these actions will make the system increase the number of attempts. Would you please retrace your step during the quiz and see if you remember what you did while answering that question. I appreciate knowing why and I will not penalize you in anyway.

Since the mark for one question in a quiz is not going to affect your final grade seriously, mark will not be adjusted for this type of claim.

There is no need to send me the file, because the system keeps a copy for a few days.

He turned off my computer!!!

I have just had a problem with my quiz #6. As I was on the fifth question of 8, and doing very well, the person on the computer next to me pressed the power button of my computer, thinking it was his. The computer was completely shut down. I would not be upset, however I have already received a zero due to the ...


Now, quizzes are aimed at letting you learn something. Please try the quiz again.

I got the marks for the quizzes I did not write

When I went to write my 3rd quiz on Sunday afternoon, I was unable to enter. Today when I went to write my 4th quiz, I discovered that someone had already written the 3rd one for me, and recieved a 20%. This was not my grade and I was wondering if there is anything that you can do to prevent this from effecting my final mark. Please email me back at the following address.


This e-mail comes in from another student's account than the complainers account. If students exchange information, how can professors avoid problems like this?

If I decide to setup a detective group, I can try to find out who wrote the quiz for another student.

However, if I do that because a student complained, I need the student to sign a document before the detective work begins. If the student is found to have written the quiz and complained, the student will have to be responsible for it, and be prosecuted as if he was the unauthorized person to use other persons account.

How about honour system? Are we here just to earn marks?

I need the quiz mark to pass

Sir! ... I want my quiz mark to be adjusted because I need the quiz mark to help me pass. I did poorly in my term test.


Do not count the quiz mark to pass. You need to do well in the tests and final exams. Consider these marks: CACT: 100% = 10 marks (10%)
Test: 20% = 4 marks (20%)
Exam: 45% = 31.5 (70%)
Final grade: 45.5% failed
The mark of 10/10 from CACT is too high compared to your other test marks. Although CACT quiz marks are usually higher than test marks, this set of marks will not help you passing the course.

Do not skip any problem

I thought that when it said "Skip Problem", it meant that I could go back to it at the end. Little did I know that it would be marked wrong.


Sorry, the system can handle other types of situations that the users need the option to skip a question. In a quiz, give the best effort to answer all question. There is no penalty for trying.

Computer says I had written the quiz

i try to write the quiz but it (the computer) said that i have already written it but I haven't . I am almost positive that I have only written the first one taht didn't couint for marks...What do I do???..:-(


A number of people had this problem. If you clicked the Start Quiz button twice (double clicked), there is a likely hood that you are denied. Some people had a second chance to try quiz 2, but second chances will not be given for other quizzes.

All students shall be treated equal. If second chances are granted, some student will not submit for marking and want a second chance. The situation will not be managable.

We have announced that second chance will not be granted if something goes wrong with your computer during the quiz. Students observing this rule will be quiet and accept the loss of a chance. These students will be at a disadvantage if others get a second chance. Thus, giving second chances is UNFAIR.

I have been having problems with the web quizzes. I was told by you that the reason why the computer stated that I had already written quiz 4 was because I probably double clicked on the start button. The computer recorded my quiz score for quiz 4, as 19 out of 100.


Having too many problems of the same type indicates the students should learn the lesson rather than giving a chance.

Deadline and blank mark

I would like some clarification on the deadline of quiz #1 in CACT. When I clicked on to QUIZ #1 through CACT in my Polaris Account this afternoon, the description shown on the screen said "the deadline of this quiz has passed", but the deadline shown on the menu is XXXX. Could u please clarify the deadling of the first quiz for me?


You probably are using the DOS version of CAcT from 1998. Things have changed.


The computer did not let me write quiz 3. Then a week later i wrote Quiz#4 with no problem. But when i was looking at my mark distribution, it showed my a blank for quiz#3. Does that mean that #3 is just a zero, and I can count it as my low mark to discard?? If I can't do that, then what does the "blank mark" mean for my quizzes grade?


A blank (not writing the quiz) is treated as zero!


I arrived home tonight. I attempted to write the quiz but missed the deadline by about 10 minutes. If possible could I please be recorded as obtaining a zero on the quiz so that I can count the cact towards my final grade?


That is automatically done!

Midnight Story

I log in to write my chem 120 solution quiz on Oct18 at 11:15 pm. However, the quiz terminates at 12:00 am before I finished. From my understanding, as long as I LOG IN to write my quiz before 12:00am, it would be fine and I would still be able to finish it even the time passes 12:00am. I would like to know that if I've made a mistake or there's a networking problem.


The mark (66/99) you accumulated at time is recorded though. Fortunate for you, the mark was calculated as 4/6, not 4/10. I shall change it back to 4/10 to be fair for you?

The deadline has been changed to 4:00 pm Wednesday since 1999.

After Midnight

I did not get a chance during the week to write the chem quiz, I was away for the weekend, where I have no access to the internet. I returned sunday evening to write my chemistry quiz. However, an important personal matter came up with a friend. When I attempted the quiz, it would not let me because it was then past the dead line. I was wondering if there is anyway I can still write the quiz? Thank you


I hope I can to something, but I cannot. Sorry!

The deadline has been changed to 4:00 pm Wednesday since 1999.

Forgive my cat

I was writing the Quiz tonight, and after getting to the second question, went to my backpack, to get my calculator. When I got back, my cat was standing on top of my keyboard, and the quiz page was changed to a different menu page. I think that my cat must have stepped on the mouse or something. I know this probably sounds like a pretty lame excuse, but I would really like the opportunity to write the quiz again.


The policy does not allow me to give you a second chance, because the system will become unmanagable if you do get a second chance. It is unfair to other students if you get a second chance.

Your experience may be interesting to others, however.

Marks for extra step I did

On Question #3 (I think), the question about 2g of sugar - I actually converted the number of moles of water into mass (1.18 g). I was wondering if I could get a point for attempting (for doing an extra step).


There is no question in the pool requiring you to convert number of moles of water into mass. Marks are usually deducted for unrelated material on examination paper. Extra steps do not get more mark in any exam.

What alcohol?

On question 2, in order to get the final answer, you need to calculate the molar mass of alcohol. This is impossible because in the question it just says "alcohol", it doesn't say what type of alcohol (ex. ethanol, methanol, ect...).


Alcohol is The Common name for ethanol. Only if you are in an organic chemistry course, the word alcohol stands for a class of compounds.

Away from quiz

while I was trying to calculate the answer for question 5, I clicked back to the website to look at the lecture notes. When I did this, my quiz automatically ended eventhough I wasn't finish the last question yet.


Before you start the quiz, there are warnings to tell you not to use other things while writing the quiz. Please pay attention to all instructions.

Do not use the Handbook

As I was writing my quiz, I went to check the side handbook on the screen and it bumped me off and says I can't 're'write the quiz. I don't want to re-write the quiz, I'm in the middle of writing it. Please respond ASAP!


Sorry, checking the Handbook value will end the quiz without submitting for marking.

Error on quiz question

Hello sir. I am writing you this email to inform you of an error that i encountered in your quiz. In one of the questions, it asks to identify the type of reaction, combination, formation, and so on. however, the correct answer was not there.


Your record shows that you got the equztion: Omitted here This reaction is both a formation and combination. Since formation is there, you should have chosen formation as the correct answer. If combination and formation are there, the question will have two correct answers, unacceptable situation.

Thanks for telling me the errors on my website, but this is not an error.

Why don't you do...

I just had a question about the solution for number 2o on the third quiz, the one on solutions. Why did you multiply the mass of the CaCl2 by 2 when finding the moles of the same. Also, last quiz (stoichiometry), there was a question about conservation of mass and calculating the % yield. Why couldn't you add the mass of the reactants together (ie theoretical yield) and divide by the actual mass of the product produced? If you don't have time to respond, I can go ask someone else. Thanks muchly


If I did what you suggested, I would have been wrong!

I Entered the Exact Answer

Hellow Sir!

I entered ll.5 as the answer, but your computer marked me WRONG. When I calculated the answer from your Hint, it was exactly ll.5. I want my deserved mark.


I analized the e-mail carefully. The e-mail said ll.5, not 11.5. What is the difference? l (for light) is not the same as 1 (one). I learned to analyze it because I learned from students' mistakes.

What is wrong with my answer?

I just finished writing the Chemistry 120 Solutions Quiz and encountered a slight problem. After getting the third question wrong, it gave me the solution of how to do the problem. This solution was the exact same solution that I had entered (changed from e-mail using used to do my problem). I also verified with another student who received the same question and got the same answer as me but on her quiz it was correct. This also happened on question number 5. If you could please verify the quiz to make sure that an error did not occur I would greatly appreciate it.


I am glacd that you told me that your friends gave the same answer, and the computer marked them right. This means that the answer you entered is not exactly the same as your friend.

I learned from students' mistakes. Some used l for 1. Do you see the difference between 1 and l? The l (for light) is a letter, not a number 1 (one). Another possible error is O (oxygen) for 0 (zero).


I did the quiz on "solutions" last week. The third question I answered was wrong, but I thought I got it right. The question was about the chloride ion in water, after treating it, 6 grams of AgCl were obtained. All Cl went to the AgCl and it asks you to find the number of moles. I put 0.04 moles and it marked it wrong, what did I do wrong?


Actually, 6.0 g of AgCl is 0.042 mole. Entering 0.04 mol has an error of 0.5% and the computer should have marked it right. My suspicion is that you used O.O4, not 0.04. Actually, O.O4 is not even a number, because it starts with an O for oxygen, not a zero 0.

I was disconnected and re-connected

I was about to write my CACT quiz, when I first pressed a wrong key which ultimately sent me back about two pages, then I was disconnected and after trying to reconnect I was disconnected AGAIN!! So, I'm going to try to write the quiz now, I don't know if I can, but I will try. Would it be possible to rewrite this quiz if I do not get back to it?


You have completed your quizzes 2 and 3, and there is no indication that you tried any other quizzes. I am surprized that you are able to finish after what you have described in your e-mail.


I was writing the quiz when I pressed the Sublit Answer button and instead of the next question, a window appeared which said "WEBTEST ERROR" and then under it it said, error opening file. Can you please do something about it as I did not complete the quiz.


When Next Problem button appears, not Submit Answer button appears. You must have done something else than what you described here. The WEBTEST ERROR message is due to the fact you did something not allowed to do while writing a quiz. This is not a system error, and a warning error sign.


I was writing the quiz when I pressed the Sublit Answer button and instead of the next question, a window appeared which said "WEBTEST ERROR" and then under it it said, error opening file. Can you please do something about it as I did not complete the quiz.


When the Next Problem button appears, no Submit Answer button appears. You must have done something else than what you described here. The WEBTEST ERROR message is due to the fact you did something not allowed to do while writing a quiz. This is not a system error. It is a warning error sign.

Not having resnet? - hardly an excuse

I was unable to log on in time because of the difficulties of not having resnet. If there is any possibility that thsi could be made available to me at any other date because I feel more confident working through this on my own with time to think then the tutorial format. A response would be appreciated.


This is hardly an excuse. There are so many computers available on campus for such a long time.

Cannot find the Submit Answer Button

When I tried to answer question 1 there was no visible box to enter in my selection/answer, there was nothing that I sould have done the only box was the hint box and I did not want to press that since I knew the answer so I tried other alternatives and then I had to leave the screenin trying to figure out how to submit my answer.


A student told me the same story, and I could not understand what has happened. Another student came to see me when this happened. I went down with her to the computer room and found that she did not "size" the Netscape Window properly for quiz. After I sized the window properly for her, she was able to continue the quiz. She was a little embarassed about it, but that is OK

The buttons are there, you just did not know how to reach them. You have to know your computer better. Ask the Help Desk if you have any problem.

Not the proper browser for quiz

when I click on the hyperlink "3. Solutions October 4- 18" to write the quiz, nothing happens. How do I start the quiz? You have already written quiz 3 on Solution. What are you talking about!

If you do not use the proper browser, quiz will not start. We have tested for Netscape 3 Gold (available on the Polaris System), but not other browsers.

Why not answer my e-mail?

Some student send e-mails using hotmail. But your e-mail address does not work. See the following feed back from our PostMaster (a program). Why not use your account?
   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
   ... Deferred: Connection reset by
   Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours

After what I have done, I deserve some mark.

I was working on the third question on the thermochemistry quiz and just as I was about to enter -74.4kJ for an answer, the computer's apparently back at the flippin' trellis webpage!?! Obviously I wouldn't be able to attempt it again because I'm quite aware of the obvious abuse if such privileges were granted. So, I raced from the library to the bio lab as quickly as I could to e-mail you just in case you were feeling compassionate. Seriously though, would I consciously, willingly be stuck on campus late on a Sunday, log on, quit after getting 2/2 on a quiz so far and then to expend unused energy so wastefully as to concoct this plot??


Obviously, spending this energy in learning something would have benefit you much more. I have not got a clue what you want me to do for you.