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Theoretical and Actual Yields

Key Terms

Excess reagent, limiting reagent
Theoretical and actual yields

Skills to develop

Theoretical and Actual Yields

Chemical reaction equations give the ideal stoichiometric relationship among reactants and products.

However, the reactants are not necessarily a stoichiometric mixture. In a chemical reaction, the reactant that are not use up when the reaction is finished is an excess reagent, whereas the reagent that is completely used up or reacted is called the limiting reagent, because its quantity limit the amount of products formed.

2 Na + Cl2 = 2 NaCl,

Example 1



Skill Developing Problems

  1. Which of the following will react most vigorously with Cl2?
    Li, Na, K, Fe, Al, Mg, or Ar?

    Skill -
    Predict reactivity from location of element in the periodic table.

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