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Our ancestors could not have imagined what our world and life style is like. They did not forsee the comming of the instant communication (e-mail, talk, video phone etc) with someone on the other side of the planet Earth right from our bedroom, the availability of information using at finger tips (keyboards or mouse required), and the feasibility of financial and trade transactions using computers. Likewise, neither can we imagine what the future world is like. We cannot predict how the World Wide Web is going to change the we we learn, the way we live, and the way we earn a living.

The Web is just as varied as are people. There is a lot of chemical information on the Web. There is so much out there that they almost render themselves useless. Facing the abundance of information, we need to develop skills to solve these problems. How can we find useful information? How reliable is the information? What is the purpose of the information? Why is it free? When will the information become irrelevant? Who provides it?

Here are some chemical information that might be of interest to you as the following items are related to the applied chemistry.

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