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Water - General

  1. Water Site News and History A Model of the Structure of Liquid Water and an Index and Reviews of the Literature Relating to the Structure of Water

  2. Journal articles and books related to liquid water structure

  3. REVIEWS OF THE LITERATURE RELATING TO THE STRUCTURE OF LIQUID WATER A Selected Review of the Literature from 1921 through 1992

  4. Water Structure and Behavior by Martin Chaplin

  5. The Physical Properties of Water and Seawater

  6. Water Links

  7. More Water Links

  8. Water Watch

  9. Anomalis of Water

Water and Life

  1. Water and Life gives a very general description about water and life.

  2. Chemistry of life is water chemistry

  3. Chemistry and Life by Jon Covey Part I

  4. Micrographia - Live seen under the microscope

  5. Water and Health

The Water Molecule

  1. Water Molecules and DImers

  2. Molecular Bonding and Interactions at Aqueous Surfaces as Probed by Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy

  3. High-accuracy ab initio rotation-vibration transitions for water

  4. Spectroscopy from first principle - a breakthrough in water line assignments

  5. The Infra-Red Spectrum of Heavy Water Vapor

Drinking Water

  1. Drinking Water and Health Basic in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  2. EPA Drinking Water Standards

  3. Links for Drinking Water a National Institute of Health and National Library of Medicine service

Water Resources

  1. Water Resources

  2. Water on Earth

  3. The Glacier introduce you to the Antarctic and the brave souls who are investigating that vast, frozen continent. Take a look at the fresh water kept as glacier by Rice University.

  4. Water - symbol and substance of life

  5. Applications of Remote Sensing in Weather Forcasting

Learning about Water

  1. WaterWorks Explore the science and engineering behind water fountains at home or in the classroom with Water Works. OMSI's website has offers fascinating online activities, as well as helpful curriculum resources.

  2. Water Science for School U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) offers informatio on many aspects of water.

  3. Interactions of Water and Biomolecules Slides of lecture 5 of Chemistry 163.

Water Properties and Data

  1. The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam

  2. International Association for Properties of Water and Steam

  3. Introduction to properties of water

  4. The Unique and Unusual Properties of Water

  5. Fresh Water - Environment Canada

  6. Physical and chemical properties of Water

  7. Reviews of the literature on structure of liquid water

  8. Water Data

  9. Unfreezable water - Freezing point depression and supercooling of water

  10. Superheating of water

Ice Properties

  1. Physical Properties of Ice

  2. Geos 614: Ice Physics

  3. Relevant site of ice

  4. Physics of Ice

  5. Cublic Ice

  6. Cubic Ice from liquid water

  7. Phase Diagram of Ice and Water

  8. Proliferation of ice XII in water's phase diagram

  9. Flow of polycrystaline ice

  10. Phase diagram of water/ice and a new metastable phase of ice

  11. 10th International Conference on the physics and chemistry of ice

  12. Ice

Freezing Technology

  1. Asymptote - water tech

Water Clusters

  1. Water Clusters

Water Treatment

    RGF Environmental,
    Water Energy Technologies,
    Aquasana Store,
    Vitech, and
    PACE Chemicals ltd are some of many companies that offer various processes for water treatment.
    Millipore, a Fisher Scientific partner, offers many lines of products to produce ultrapure water, using a combination of active charcoal membranes, and reverse osmosis filter.

  1. Hard water analysis

  2. Magnetic Hard Water systems

Water Dimmers

  1. Water Molecules and DImers

Water Activity in Food

  1. Water Activity

  2. pKa' of inorganic and organic acids collected by Ripin and Evans.

  3. Freezing Process

Bakery and Water

  1. Bakery Wast Water


  1. Aquatechgroup

Radioactive Water

  1. Tritium
  2. PET - Positron Emmission Tomography
  3. Radioactive H215O as probe for PET Neuroimaging studies
  4. Translocation of food in plant
  5. Transport of Water and Minerals in Plants

Water and Microwave

  1. Heating Water with Microwave

  2. Microwave Heating Mechanisms

  3. Microwave Theory and Background

  4. Microwaving Food

  5. Study of Microwave Heating of Thermal Runaway Material Ph.D. Theasis in Virgina

  6. Microwave Processing of Materials

  7. Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis (MOAS) Pages

  8. Microwave chemistry basic

  9. Microwave assisted hetergeneous and homogeneous reactions

  10. Microwave Enhanced Chemistry - revolution

Water and Climate

  1. The climate effect of water vapour

Sea Water and Sea Ice

  1. About Ice

  2. Sea Ice

Dihydrogen Momoxide (DHMO) Confusion

  1. Dihydrogen Monoxide Confusion
  2. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
  3. Wiktionary on Water
  4. Origin of Life on Earth