The Planet Mars

Here are some of the things we usually want to know regarding the third planet mars compare to Earth and Sun. Astronomical characteristic
size in diameter (6,800 km), mass (0.11 of Earth mass)
periods of self-rotation (24 hr 37 min) and around the sun (687 days)
distance from the Sun (mean, 228 million km, perihelion, aphelion, )
distance from Earth (perihelion, 56 million km; aphelion, 101 million km)
number and orbits of satellites, periods etc Phobos (inner moon, diameter 11 km, period 7 hr 39 min, less than rotation of marks (24 hr 37 min) and rise in the west and set in the east.
Deimos (outer moon, diameter 6 km, period 30.3 hrs)

Physical characteristic

temperature (range and mean -73 - 27oC)
material (red planet, chemical composition, minerals)
surface feature (lines? craters, desert, montains, cayons)

Chemical and geological characteristic
(BR>atmosphere (composition and pressure, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, P=7-10 mb)
research on mars and discoveries
active plate tectonics?

Science of Mars

methods of research
where to read about mars (encyclopedia, astronomy)
was there water before?
Photos of mars

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