Why should you pay more for a Titanio Cycles titanium frame?

Tatanio Cycles is committed to creating our prouducts with the highest attention to quality.  Our goal is to provide you with the best frame you will ever own.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned racer, you will appreciate the low weight, and superior handling characteristics of our titanium frames.

The aerospace industry discovered the amazing strength to weith ratio of titanium long ago, and now the mountain bike industry has bunny-hopped onto the titanium band wagon.  You will reap the benifits of this superior structural metal when you ride off on one of our frames.  The properties of titanium allow us to build a bike that is pounds less than many aluminum or steel frames, and yet much stronger and more durable.  Titanium provides the fast-handling characteristics and stiffness required for pros on the race circuit, but it also provides a comforable resilient ride, with that undescribable titanium feel, that is appreciated by the average mountain cyclist.  We are convinced that once you ride one of our titanium frames, you will never go back to steel or aluminum.  We began riding titanium way back before it was even mass-marketed and we haven't looked back since... we've just been going too fast!

J and G
Jeff Klein and Greer Painter
Titanio Cycles founding adventurers