Webpages on Elements by Students

  1. Arsenic by Julia Kendrick and Naomi Wong

    Promoting research of using arsenic trioxide for the treatment of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, a form of cancer. Everything sounds positive and interesting, but all comes from immagination, except the scientific data presented.

    Here is the reply to the posting above:
    The company is Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre. I'm not sure what other studies have been done from there, but we thought that it was interesting that such a toxic substance, which now is substituted in most products with other substances, could be used to treat something like leukemia, so we decided to go with that.

    OK! Perhaps the amounts used for the treatments is at a much smaller scale.

  2. Elementary Poisons by Karen Yuen and Lucia Luu

    Arsenic is historically the poison of choice for many murders, in reality and in fiction. Elementary Poisons Inc. is a rapidly growing company that specializes in customized deaths. We take great pride in the purity of our products and the fact we have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

    The main file name has to be changed in order to be linked here from the submitted disk. Something may go wrong while viewing.

  3. Arsenic World The premier source to purchase arsenic and arsenic compounds for all of your needs. For more information please call us at 1800-ARSENIC.

  4. Chlorine Chemical Consultants Canada a growing Canadian company that is advancing quickly into a varity of chlorine fields - By C. Startek and D. Dobney (from handwriting).

    URL on ENG provided, but some links to pictures are broken, due to re-location of the home page. Many items are presented as if they are links, but in fact they are not. That defeated the purpose of special color and underlining.

  5. Copper by Arden Tuck and Marlaina Mitchell.

    Copper is the 1st metal used by man in a sighnificant quantity. This was due to its easy usability; its flexibility allowed it to be transformed into required shapes and sizes for desired tasks.

    The URLs are used to indicating links. Contents of the links provide better information.

    Submission by handing in a disk.

  6. The Wonderfull World of Helium by Steve Hungate and Tommy Li

    A concise fun page of information on helium. Some light heart phrases. Some units for the properties are missing. Be sure to represent all quantities with proper numbers and units. Additional pages are fun to read, and some nice pictures of helium are included.

    New URL requested.

  7. Mercury - by Minh Luu and David Tutt

    The information is general. Watch out for the following:
    The number of stable isotopes is not 26, total number of isotopes simply means so many have been observed and made.
    A description of some properties will make it more interestin, a table so presented means little.
    The Link to Safety Data Sheet failed to link.
    The Chemical Element site you linked to is a nice site.

  8. Neon by Tanya Martin and Carolyn Ronchka

    The description is concise, clear, and trust worthy. Some images generated using MS Word have not been forwarded to me, and the page has missing pictures. Did you rename the images?

  9. Nickel by Amanda Mountain and Scott (no last name)

    Many files are made up containing lots of information. Can be better linked and organized, but the copy sent over has not been finalized. The URL comming from the e-mail was not complete.

  10. Platinium by Carolyn Gallardi and Pavle Stanojevic

    Discusses the application of Pt as a catalyst in the catalytic converter in the Auto industry. Information on properties has been rearranged rather than linked to the popular site.

  11. Phosphrus by Heidi Sarete and Dan LeLievre

    The disk submitted contains a file called rats.htm, but it contains no data. You will not be able to see this.

    If you want us to see it, please post your page on the ENG computer and e-mail me the URL.

  12. Silicon by Banerjee and Amm

  13. Siliconus Maximus Presents SUT Sealant

  14. Sulfur by Matthew Bourque and Chris Horn.

    Plastic sulfur is obtained by cooling molten sulfur, not by cooling of the crystillen form as you have described in it. Your first paragraph on the Overview does not indicate what the IUPAC name for sulfur is. Did you want the paragraph to point out the IUPAC name? In what form is sulfur present in the various sources you described. Better point out what exactly what they are.

  15. Titanium by Mike Leamen and David Learmonth.

    Information well organized and presented. Hope you have the various grades of Ti-steels and make a fortune. Links to Scientific Data and Technical Data works well, and you have reorganized the collected information.

    The UK site for elements is common, a good site to have.

  16. Titanium by Derek Bezaire and Ryan Elliott

    Your wedding rings with price list add some interest to the webpage. Information of academic interest is presented, some may not be exactly correct, but that is how the generation X work these days. Biff probably is making something big, not a wedding ring, but that is OK.

  17. Titanium for Jet Turbine by Brian Morrison

    E-mailed unsuccessfully. Please put it up on your website and e-mail me the URL. A disk was submitted on October 1.

  18. Titanio Cycles Inc by Jeff Klein and Greer Painter

    Containing sound files if your computer is equiped. Explained why buy a titanium bike frame and the value of titanium frames. Has got nothing to sell yet, because price, weight, length, height, etc. are not given.

  19. Titanium By Tarek Abdel-Baset and Kyle Chien.

    Titanium is the metal of the future; with its unique combination of strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and other metallurgical properties, it is used in hundreds of diverse aerospace, industrial and emerging applications where no other metal is as reliable or economical, especially on a lifecycle costing basis.

    Little information was given to the items whose pictures are shown.

  20. Thallium for Ant Away by Ruth Allen and Marsha McCauley.

    Technical data for Ant-Away is required. Your package was $/500 mL. Thallium is a metal, that is hardly sold by the volume. With this in mind, I thought you have a solution containing a Tl compound. I am acting as your client to review the page. If the product is a solution, I want to know what compound of Tl you are using, what is the concentration, and how to use it etc.

  21. Uranium - the fuel of tomorrow by Benoit Joubert and Cody Shipp. The main page came with the e-mail, and only *.gif files came as attachments. Reactor grade and weapon grade uranium are available.

  22. Zzirconium by Clement Lee and David Lima

    Somehow, your page gives me the impression that zircon, zirconium oxide, is the same as zirconium, whereas they are not the same. Your Trivial Facts did distinguish them however.

    Your healing Potential of Zirconium is perhaps more appropriate for zircon, which is used for jewry.

    The page is redone, and new URL will be used later.

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