Karen Yuen, development director, Elementary Poisons Inc.

Lucia Luu, research director, Elementary Poisons Inc.

Contact us at lluu@hotmail.com or kwyuen@engmail.uwaterloo.ca

Arsenic is historically the poison of choice for many murders, in reality and in fiction. Elementary Poisons Inc. is a rapidly growing company that specializes in customized deaths. We take great pride in the purity of our products and the fact we have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate. All you have to do tell us the intended victim's facts (i.e. body mass, height, method of disposal, etc.) and we give you a dosage tailored to your needs. Elementary Poisons Inc. produce many types of poisons but our specialty is of course, ARSENIC - the haute couture of the poison world. Before you make your decision to contact us, think about all the people that have ever snubbed you, your ever-growing black ball list, and that pesky professor that seems to always give the hardest exams - wouldn't it better place if these people didn't exist? We can HELP you achieve this. Read through our information catalogue, and when you have made your decision, contact us and we will sit down and discuss your options. This is entirely CONFIDENTIAL, we look forward to hearing from you. ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED.

Find out what you need by taking the time to read through the information provided in the following pages and make an informed decision.

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Disclaimer: This is just an assignment for ENV E 231 - DO NOT take this service seriously. We are perfectly nice SANE students so don't sue please!!!!