There are two main sources of Titanium available on earth.  There are Rutile (TiO2) and Ilmenite (FeTiO3).  The Earth's crust is conposed of 0.63% Titanium.  It is the 9th most abundant element and the 2nd most abundant transition element behind Iron.

Main deposits of Rutile exists in Norway, U.S.A, Tasmania and Australia.  This is from a black ore that has a concentration of 93 - 98% of TiO3.  Rutile is mainly used in the production of titanium compounds and to add the yellow colour to porcelain.

Main depositsof Ilmenite are located in Eastern Canada, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Tasmania and Madagascar.  There are large deposits in Quebec and Norway.  This material usually contains 34 - 44% TiO2.  Ilmenite titanium leads to the production of ferro-titanium alloys, electrodes for arc-lamps and titanium oxide pigments.