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Energetic Problems

Assignment 2 Due on Oct. 2

Mission statement

A question starts with Problem x.y are problems from Inorganic Chemistry by Swaddle. In your solutions, please point out errors in the problem statements if you find any.
  1. Problem 2.1: You need to correlate thermodynamic quantities. The relationship allows you to see how they affects the chemical equilibria.

  2. Problem 2.2: You are required to consider the kinetic factor of chemical reactions. Part (c) asks you to apply the concept of activation energy in an industrial process.

  3. Problem 2.6: You learn how to make use of tabulated thermodynamic data in doing this problem.

  4. The bond energy (kJ) for H2, F2, and HF are 436, 158 and 568 kJ
    respectively, calculate the enthalpy (energy) of the reaction, H2(g) + F2(g) = 2 HF(g). Comment on this result in terms of DHf from the data given in a Chemical Thermodynamic Data Table.

    Evaluate DG for HF(g).