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Webpage on an object

Assignment 1 Due Friday, Sept. 25 by 4:30

Mission statement

Make a webpage on an object that is mostly made up of an element.

Find a partener to form a team of two for this assignment.

You, the team, are the engineers of a company that is responsible for research and development. The company has an object which is a product or commodity that is mostly made up of an element. The object you have is a prototype, and you are assigned to provide information for its market. To do so, you need to provid informatio on the web for the general public as well as for engineers or executives of other companies. The technical information regarding the properties of the material used for the product, its physical and chemical properties of the element, isotope composition of the element, abundance and methods of its production, costs of the production, costs of manufacturing and pricing policy are possible information if applicable. A health and safety data sheet is also required. Anyway, as engineers, you should provide suitable information for peers of your clients.

Skills to develop

HTML resources for web provider

For information on HTML tags required for web document, please consult Webpage Tools and other resources

Background Information

The existence of chemical elements as the primal substances is a fundamental problem in chemistry, particularly inorganic chemistry. From nearly 90 natural occuring elements, millions of compounds are made. The object of this assignment is to do an indepth search of information regarding one element. The skills developed can be applied to any element or substance. There are many companies whose business is based on a particular element: steel (Fe), titanium, zinc, copper, gold, diamond, graphite, liquid nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, germanium, lead, tin, hydrogen, neon, argon, etc.

A template for a webpage is given here so that you can load it.

You can either post it on your ENG account and send me the URL, put all the files on a disk, or email me the file. Please print the home page and hand in a hard copy.