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In the News


             Sometimes astrophysics makes the popular press!  Here are some of the times something I’ve been involved with has done so.

December 2009
Portrait of a Black Hole (full), A.E. Broderick & A. Loeb, Scientific American

October 2009
How To See a Black Hole, Ivan Semeniuk, Sky & Telescope (website)

May 2009
Coming soon: First pictures of a black hole, Stephen  Battersby, New Scientist

April 2009
Vanishing matter points to  black hole in Milky Way, David Shiga, New Scientist

November 2008
Radio interferometry measures the black hole at the Milky Way’s center (full), Bertram Schwarzschild, Physics Today

September 3, 2008
Closest Look Yet at Milky Way’s Black Hole, Clara Moskowitz, Space.com

September 3, 2008
To the edge of a black hole, Astronomy.com

October 6, 2007
The true nature of black holes, Michael D. Lemonick, New Scientist

January 31, 2007
Physicists plan search for the known unkowns (full), Jenny Hogan, Nature

January, 25, 2007
Weighing the Universe (full), by Stephen Jeffrey, The Economist

February 26, 2006
Deep inside black holes, Dan Vergano, USA TODAY

October 11, 2005
A Quest to See a Black Hole’s Shadow, Bjorn Carey, SPACE.com